Clen and T3 Cycle With Occasional Cocaine Usage, Is it Safe?

Sorry if I’m in the wrong topic or if cocaine isn’t suppose to be talked about on this forum…
But I’ve been doing cocaine on and off for the last 3-4 years. I do it on socially occasions. Once every 2-3 weeks or even once a month when I go out with friends for a beer or ten. I only crave it when I get tipsy as well.

This will be my 2nd clen and t3 cycle, did one last year around the same time, but at the time I didn’t use cocaine as much, just small key bumps. Going to do a 2 weeks on, 2 weeks off, 2 weeks on and stop, that worked for me last year. Was ignorant on my research last year and just mix them and didn’t feel much, other than my heart raising when using a high amount of cocaine which is normal for cocaine users in my experience.

Also not that I’m going to be doing cocaine like crazy or anything. It’s more of a, in case I go out for a beer during my cycle can i enjoy some occasional cocaine. I use about a 1.0-1.5 grams at max in case anyone wondering.

Of course the best answers are… to stop doing cocaine completely. And the other answer is to stop for the length of the cycle. I’m wondering if it’s safe to mix them.
I take clen in am, 7:00 am and normally do cocaine around 10pm and late.

I have friends that do gear/other steroids and cocaine and they say it’s fine for them. But I wanna know if anyone has done clen/t3 and has done cocaine during a cycle.

My experience, coming down from a long night of booze and coke is very unpleasant. I needed a full day to mentally adjust back to normal. That day included Xanax or opiates to mellow my thoughts, calm me down, happy shit on TV & plenty of bed.

Now throw in anxiety, jitters, racing thoughts & heart rate during said booze/cocaine hangover. Physically I wouldn’t worry so much, but mentally? Sounds like a nightmare.

That being said, I did mix all those compounds at one time or another, however I stopped the Clen cos my hands kept shaking & ppl noticed.

Using clen is probably overall dumber and more damaging than doing coke once in a while. Although with the frequency you’re doing it Is say it’s a push. Doing coke while also using clen is pretty much full retard, but it’s your body, so do to it what you want. The bigger question is why you’re using the clen in the first place.


Not sure about clen, but what you definitely should NOT do is alcohol + cocaïne. Pick one. Otherwise you’ll have cocaethylene in your body and it will fuck you up.

I would also argue that T3, in any amount over a replacement dose is almost as dumb, it’s extremely catabolic. Unless he’s going for that meth look…

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