Christmas gift

I just started going out with a girl a day ago, what should I get her for Christmas and how much should I spend? (I’m in highschool by the way, so is she).

I saw these cool socks that have the girl’s name on them & what it means. Something like that might be ok.

Teddy Bear. EVERY girl loves a REALLY cute Teddy Bear or some kinda stuffed animal.

Since you just started going out with her, don’t worry about getting too personal. Just get her stuff she needs… maybe some clothes or something (sweater or scarf). Just give her some flowers along with it to separate yourself from all her other gift-givers. The teddy bear idea was also good.

As I recall (high school was awhile ago – it’s almost re-union time), chicks at that age and at your stage of the game would really go for something like a scented candle and a little candle holder. Not too personal, but something that says you think of her as more than a sister (and besides, it’s cheaper than a teddy bear).

High school? Hmmmm… I would get a her a 12 pack of condoms and about 3 bottles of cherry flavored lubricant. Make sure to mention to her between sessions that you read swallowing semen is thermogenic, causes female breasts to grow and makes zits vanish overnight. Now get to work Santa!

the teddy bear and the candle ideas are good. just keep it on the small side or she may think you’re moving too fast or ‘expecting’ something. i’d say the spending limit is about $20 for something this new.

You just met – but assuming that you want this to progress, get her something she will wear or use everyday. The theory is that she will think of you. M is right @ 20.00 being the limit here. Maybe some fuzzy slippers or a sweater? The socks idea is good too. NOT jewelry. Way too soon.

How about a pack of nike low cut socks for basketball, which she plays, and a rose (for some everyone i ask here at home thinks i should get flowers.

M and socks??? I think the cuddley teddy bear idea is the best.

A “Hello Kitty” vibrator. Or a nice, fat dildo.

How about a voucher for 1 hour of cunnilingus, redeemable at anytime. Its win-win, man.

um. NO, don’t get her basketball socks. that is what her grandmother will be giving her. the ‘name’ socks are ok, but you REALLY want to avoid any gift that is ‘family-ish’ (like if it is a reasonable guess that an aunt, uncle or grandparent would give her something similar DON’T get it)

Timmy, my man! I’ve given out my own homemade certificates to girlfriends, and I’ve always done things like a romantic dinner, romantic bubblebath, full-body massage, or “Anything you want” with a stress for sexual favors. I’d definitely am all for the “1-hour of pussy eating!” LOL! EAT MORE PUSSY!

Oh yeah, bro, as Michelle said, don't get her the socks. That's too impersonal and familyish. It's like giving a girl a kitchen appliance for an anniversary gift. Keep it fairly small, but personal. Gift certificate or tickets to see a local play in town, a manicure or pedicure, or something that she really likes and has wanted. Clothes can be good too, as long as you have good taste and know her size. I've done good on that in the past!

why do you always put “EAT MORE PUSSY”?

I’m just down with eating a lot of pussy. I think more guys could make their partners happy if they just ate more pussy. The world would be a better place if everyone ate more pussy. I love eating pussy. I could eat pussy for hours at a time. Unfortunately, I have not eaten pussy in a few months. I am now going through withdrawals! In the meantime, I hope the rest of you T-men are eating more pussy! It’s the cure for everything! And it sure does bring a smile to my face! :wink:

I dunno about the gift certificate. So impersonal. It’s your first Christmas with her…you gotta put a bit of thought into it. If she’s like ME, any first gift from a BF is ALWAYS loved.

Basketball socks are a NO! Michelle was right. Too gift from grandmaish. I don’t know if you have winter where you are, but a scarf or something. THE best gift I ever got was a bear all dressed up in basketball gear (and it had my number!). Throw in a personalized gift certificate for some TLC…nothing sexual (just in case you could POSSIBLY take Nate seriously). Something cute like a walk or a hug or something. Bonne Chance.