CBD Oil: Worthwhile or Worthless?

I’ve been sitting on 2 CBD oils (one from beam @ 1500 mg, one from Medterra @ 1000 mg). Both advise placing one full dropper under your tongue for 1-2 minutes, then swallowing.

I haven’t tried them out but am wondering whether there’d be any benefits or if I should just trash 'em. Anyone with experience willing to chime in?

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I would at least try it. I don’t think it will hurt you. I too am skeptical about it doing much, but many seem to think it works.

I do think I can tell the difference in MJ that is harvested earlier vs later. The later it is harvested the higher the CBD content (THC I believe converts to CBD). The later harvested stuff seems to be more calming / body high. I prefer it. You can generally tell by the color. More green is earlier, more orange / purple the later, but some of that is strain type. The difference could also just be less THC too haha.

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My wife was gifted some CBD ointment for her bad foot for her birthday and never used it, so after a month of an elbow injury that just would not go away and kept getting worse, I tried it. I think I can rule out the placebo effect since I thought it was bullshit, but I ended up using it a couple times a day for a few days and by the third day I realized my elbow was better. Used it on my back after that and it worked very well.

Could my elbow have just finally healed at that time and then the back relief was placebo? Sure. Is it comparable to oral administration? I dunno.

I haven’t had an injury that would make me want to try it since then, but I feel as though it was an effective healing agent.


My wife tried it for general joint pain. It was sublingual from a reputable source. She didn’t say much about it and never asked me to get anymore.
Rem: Depending on the strength and how it’s made, you could pop positive on a drug test. In my profession, it would be a train wreck for my career.

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I got a topical CBD cream for my wife. I have osteoarthritis in my thumbs. So a tried some on my thumbs. It was amazing how much better my thumbs felt in less than a couple minutes. The problem was that after half an hour the pain returned.

IMO, fish oil (ingested) is a better remedy.

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I’ve heard mixed reviews. The positive feedback usually comes from folks using large doses. Anyway, @TC_Luoma has some insights here that may explain the mixed results.

For pain relief, it had a mild effect.

For my (severe) anxiety and panic attacks, the effect was zero.

If I ever get rich, I will try again with perhaps a stronger oil, and take it for a bit longer.