Can't Progress w/ Bench

I have this same problem.

-Close Grip Bench
-Lots of arm work
-Pushups, lots of pushups

Lots of great advice on form and set up. What about programing? Could be overtraining or undertraining. Can’t say I’ve seen too many people undertrain, but tons whose chest days have 5-9 exercises x 5 sets/exercise = going nowhere. How close is that shoulder day before your chest day? Fatigued shoulders = poor bench.

Upper back strength?
Appropriate tri exercises?

Maybe this will be worth reading for you OP?

Sorry, no magic bullet. I have alot of years in this game…all that to say that IF you’re working hard, eatting protein and your form isn’t terrible there is one very common problem. Overtraining! First, take a week off. No light workouts, “feeder” workouts. Nada weights. Next, draw up a simple two-day plan. For example:
Day 1:
1)Bench Press after warm-up, go for a hard triple, one down set of 3.Stop!
2)DB Rows 3x8
3)Rolling Extensions 3x12

Day 2:
1)Military Press after warm-up two challenging sets of 5. Stop!
2)Face Pulls 3x15
3)JM Press 4x6
Exercise descriptions can be found on elitefts. Thats it. You’re overtrained. Relax and get stronger. Later.

another thing; don’t forget increasing takes time, as I’m sure you’ve heard before;
If its your goal to bench 600 first you have to bench all numbers in between, can’t go from a 500lb to 600lb in a few months

all many thanks for the excellent suggestions, and apologies for not responding sooner, have been sick with a bout of ‘flu from hell’ where i couldn’t move to two days and spent most of this week glued to the sofa watching old NFL games with the eye that could see…

my form is i think good, in every lift i perform i start with foot placement and work up I’m kinda picky about technique (again a throw back from footall) and make go through a quick check before each set.

i do have an old shulder injury, ( AC seperation) which may affect things.

as for the other suggestions, ill give (most of them) a go. ve lost my spotter for a few weeks so dumbells my be a good shout for a change up and i will redesign the schedule soon and see if we can hit BP twice a week for a while.

thank you guys for your informed responses and assistance.its appreciated…im off to get more flu drugs, head still feels like its full of soup…

stay healthy