Can’t Post in Pharma Forum

Hi I can’t post in the pharma category. What do I have to do?

To help with user privacy and allow for more open discussions, our Pharma and T Replacement forums are reserved for members of a certain level.

By simply spending some time on the forums reading, you will reach that level shortly.

Thanks for your patience and understanding.

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A couple suggestions for Pharma/TRT section to improve clarity and organization…

  1. Rename main section “Pharma” instead of “Pharma/TRT”. Subsection stays TRT for folks who want to talk about TRT. Some don’t seem to understand or appreciate the difference. You could also have a separate subsection called the “gray zone” or something like that for legal androgen use other than Test or mildly supraphysiologic Test use LOL.
  2. Make a new subsection called “source talk” for UGL/TRT/TOT clinics I guess so you don’t have advertisements clogging up the other sections.
  3. I made a previous suggestion about splitting up sections for legal androgen discussion via RX vs UGL use but that went nowhere with former Mod. Something else to think about.