Bulking Supplements, Carbolin 19?

Hopefully I will be starting a clean bulk in Feb. I have lost almost 45 pounds of fat so far and am currently on Waterbury’s 10/10, so I should be at a decent enough body fat percent to start a clean bulk when I finish this up.

Anyway I take the normal Biotest supps- Surge, Metabloic Drive, Flameout and HOT-ROX.

For my bulk I will continue with Surge, Metabloic Drive and Flameout. I am thinking of adding Carbloin 19. From what I’ve read that should help me keep the fat off.

Are the any other reccomend supplements for soome one coming off an extended cut?

The Carbolin 19 idea is probably good because it will continue to help you modify your body comp. Or you could do Alpha Male depending on whether you want to go that route. I’ve been doing a half dose (1 pill in am and 1 in pm) and have had good results so far (also has Carbolin 19 in it).

Just make sure you don’t eat yourself fat again. Quality food is going to be most important. Slowly increase calories. You can’t gain 2 lbs of muscle a week, like you can lose 2lbs of fat.

It’s a longer process, plan for it.

I have a pretty good diet and training planned out already. Not gaining fat back is the biggest concern. I am looking for anythng else that will halp that.

I have some time yet so I will look in to Alpha Male and Carbolin 19, than decide what way to go.

Thanks for in the info.