Bloodwork Doesn't Sync with How I Feel

For reference I am 18 6’2, roughly 20-25% bf just because I feel the best at a bf% that is considered high. I would really prefer to not go the TRT route at my age due to fertility issues.
My T levels seem to be in the middle due to high albumin. Some say albumin doesn’t matter, but I’ve never EVER felt full of energy, I could count how many morning woods I’ve had in my entire life on fingers, very few body hair, tiny loads that just barely ooze out, achy joints that make cracking noises when not warm and worst of all, low interest in women, but mediocre libido. I am health conscious, but I am not obsessive about it and my social life is just fine. I drink like once every 5 months, but did have a few drinks the day prior to taking bloods. Oh, and never used any PEDs although I have considered them neither have used any SSRI’s or literary any other medications.
I’ve always had my albumin above the reference range so I am interested in how could I lower it?

Will take some vitamin D despite having spent alot of time in the sunlight

What your iron status, ferritin levels. Lower end vitamin D, and iron and calcium levels can be lower.

The more labs you post, the better chance at finding something amiss.

I’ve had many other panels done last year. Including the ones you mentioned and everything was fine. Same symptoms back then.

Thanks for suggestion though.

This is spot on as what you posted hormone wise doesn’t look amiss.

Looking at your bloodwork T levels are above the high end and what I assume is free T is fine… Like others have said you need to show more labs. What do your kidney/liver numbers look like? Where you dehydrated going into the lab?
6’2" with 25%bf is a lot of mass walking around. Have you tried dropping a bit of weight to see if it makes a difference?

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I checked very few liver and kidney panels and both came back good last year other than high urea. I think this is omething worth looking into.

Regarding dehydration, I had a glass of water like an hour prior to taking bloods, but I’ve always had high albumin regardless of how much water and electrolytes I consume.

Regarding body fat, that makes sense and I will certainly consider going down a few %. I wouldn’t want to go down alot since I feel the best(which is by no means good) at this bf%. Do u think I am a low aromatizer looking at my free T to estradiol ratio considering im 25%bf roughly?

Edit: Ive been both lean and on the fatter side as I am now.

Alright, makes sense I will soon come back with more in depth tests. I just thought that all my issues were related to my hormones so I was expecting that a hormone panel could pinpoint the issue if that makes sense.

It does make sense to think that. I mean your SHBG is slightly high hence higher TT etc. But your FT is also adequate unlike some guys with real high SHBG. I just don’t see anything inherently bad or wrong here.

I tried carnivore for a period of time to fix other issues I had such as mild acne, brain fog and anxiety and carnivore did wonders to it. It also did decrease joint pain to an extent. I’ve only have had morning woods when I started carnivore a little over a year ago, but that was 1 special week. Roughly 6 months ago I quit carnivore. Now I tolerate carbs just fine as brain fog, acne and anxiety is gone for good. This may be why my SHBG is a little high, but then again I did carnivore for roughly 8 months and quit like 6 mos ago.

Edit: I didnt mention carnivore initially, because dont think it was done for a long enough period if time to matter.

This may not be enough. I usually drink a liter or so before I go and it def changes things.
Post your labs when you get them. I don’t think there is enough info here.

Alright I believe you it may help my albumin values acutely, but that then just means that there is a whole another issue unless I am chronically dehydrated which I don’t think is the cause.

Sure I will do that, thank you