BloatBag Stu and The Cigarette Challenge

Bloat Bag, if your serious, I will definatly stop smoking, starting on a date we both agree on. I will absolutley tell you if I ingest even a drag of a freinds stogie. So, if you are honest enough and think you can overcome my will power, bring it on bro. We will see who is triumphant. ~Trance~

Sure thing Trance. I’m already on day 2 though, so you’d better put that one out right now. In my experience, days 1 and 2 are the killer and the cravings diminish day-by-day. Get through the first week and you should be safe. Get through six weeks and you should have cracked it completely. I’d slipped back into a forty/day habit of late. Cold turkey is the only way. Hopefully we’ll both win! Best of luck.

Bloatbag, aight man, your on I just had my last stogie, id like to have a day by day contact if thats cool, maybe we could exchange emails or someshizat

damn stu, where you at.

Hello mate. I’m here Bro. Not touched a ciggie since Friday night. I nearly ripped the head off one of my staff tonight. Today has been the worst day. Bit difficult to exchange email addys on this forum. Unless you can think of anything else, I’ll post a regular update on this thread. I’m grabbing a quick beer with a couple of mates tomorrow. You could be on for a tub of AP. I’ll let you know.

Uh oh bro. Yah, beer in cigarettes just go together. Definatley hard to say no to a stog when your a bit drunk. I’m heading to the end of day two myself, the cravings aren’t that bad…yet. As to the excange of e-mails, if you have AOL instant messanger (its free), my screen name is chillpzico517. Give me an IM and we can exchange them.

I’m really feeling the cravings today, day 3. Haven’t even smelt second hand smoke though. How was your drinking last night? Lose control or staying stone cold? ~Trance~

I made it through unscathed. I told my buddies about the agreement. Big mistake! I’ve never been offered so many cigarettes in my life. Anyway, I didn’t buckle. Go to the 'gade and search for Stuart Foley. You should find my addy.

Trance, have you been a naughty boy?

Sorry bud, if your looking to empty my pockets, you’re barking up the wrong tree. I’m smoke free are ready to go. ~Trance~

Wanna know how I quit after seven years, and never even considered haveing another cig. (its been 5 years) first realize that addiction makes you a pussy. Its true, be it drugs, booze, food, whatever. Second tell everyone you know that you will never have another cigarette ever. Third, if they press you for why be honest, tell them by quiting so easily it trivializes their own addition once again proving you are stronger. Shit physical toughness without mental toughness is a waste. Thats it!
But dont turn into one of the anti-smoking dicks who whines about smokeing any time someone within 100 yards lights up!

I posted as dannyboy, but someone alreadys been using it sorry DB.

Oh, no man, I didn’t mean it like that. I was just being competetive, that’s all. I didn’t mean to sound like a dick. I tried to locate your IM name but, as you can imagine, there are LOTS of Stuart Foleys out there. So, be easy and we’ll just use this as the commumications center. Hope you coming along nicely, how are your cravings???

Hey. Go to From there, go to “Freedom” and join (if you’ve been nicotine free for 3 days). You will be able to post in IM fashion with each other and many other former smokers quitting cold turkey. A wealth of information, support and instant messaging. The people that run this site definitely know what they’re doing. Good luck.