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Cyco, does it matter what serm I have on hand? I have read your sticky and it talks about Tore, Ralox, and Nova. I can get my hands on any of them. This would be in addition to some extra AI. which serm do you recommend? I wont need it unless gyno flares up because my pct consists of continuing on my trt hcg normal dose.

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Should I also keep Letro on hand in case gyno shows up? I read on the sticky that if gyno is present jumping up to a higher dose of Nova will not work. I am not sure how high the risk of gyno is at 500mg of test a week on a AI but I am sure there is a risk and it probably depends on the person, and I wont know until it happens. I can handle some of the other sides but gyno scares the crap out of me. [/quote]

if you’re taking an AI already and your estrogen creeps up enough to give you gyno, then you’ll need to bump up the dose and add in a SERM.


well, i think Ralox is the best SERM to treat gyno. it’s the weakest at raising test/LH, but like you said, that’s not a concern.