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Should I also keep Letro on hand in case gyno shows up? I read on the sticky that if gyno is present jumping up to a higher dose of Nova will not work. I am not sure how high the risk of gyno is at 500mg of test a week on a AI but I am sure there is a risk and it probably depends on the person, and I wont know until it happens. I can handle some of the other sides but gyno scares the crap out of me. [/quote]

if you’re taking an AI already and your estrogen creeps up enough to give you gyno, then you’ll need to bump up the dose and add in a SERM.

cyco, thanks for the help. I read your post and it was impressive.

I talked about the estrogen conversion with a well known endo my wife is friends with. He told me test does not convert to estrogen. This doc has two servants at his house (mansion) and thinks he is the shit. He looked at me like I was nuts. It is amazing how little some MD’s know about this stuff and how much you all do. Why are doctors so clueless in this area of medicine?