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[quote]Moriarty wrote:
The Mage wrote:
Let’s look at this logically, which most on the left are incapable of doing.

Why do people (on both sides) say BS like this? What purpose does this serve? Do people honestly believe this rhetoric?[/quote]

I am trying to stop the rhetoric, but it keeps coming from the left. Just look at this thread. What is the purpose? Why does the discussions have to keep turning into gossip columns?

I am disgusted at how the left has acted in this election, and no I am not saying the right is perfect. But right now, and for the past 2 years, there has been an effort to destroy Bush at all costs just to get their guy into office.

I have had serious discussions with the left before. I have real good friends who don?t go down this road of hate. I also have known people who get really upset if you don?t agree with them. This is just childish.

Now the right does go negative against Kerry, but not to the level of the left.

The Guardian just had to apologize for their idea of assassinating Bush. How did we get here?

There seems to be an idea that if you are conservative, you are evil. I don?t believe this of the left, why should they believe it of the right?

What we should be doing is discussing the difference in our philosophies, not denigrating others.

I really doubt questioning the logic of MOST (not all) of the left is anything approaching what many in the left is engaging in right now.

For me it is not truly a matter of right or left, Republican or Democrat, this group or that group, but what is the best for the country. I look at this logically, attempting to ignore this crap, or to put down the crap.

I also disagreed with the idea of indicting Kerry by some on the right. These people who sign their petition are planning on giving it to VP Cheney. I know he is just going to toss it.

I could have more respect for the left if they didn?t jump to conclusions. Such as this war is for oil. Or Afghanistan was about oil. Where is the proof? Not circumstantial evidence, most of which is twisted beyond belief, but proof.

The discussions about Bush and Kerry and their military record also follows this. There is not enough proof of anything yet people are jumping to conclusions because the person is of the other political party.

See, the right is not immune. But the left has gone way further then the right has.

Oh yeah, I’m sure those TV ads comparing Max Cleland to Osama and Saddam weren’t taking it too far…


Did I hear rumor of a settlement?