Big D Energy: Vitamin D's Effect on Sexual Happiness

by Chris Shugart

Why is No One Having Sex?

Hormone levels are in the toilet, everyone is emotionally messed up, and no one is having much sex. Why? Here's one possible answer.

People are having less sex. The number of men and women identifying as asexual is skyrocketing. The number of adults who haven't had sex in a year has jumped from 15% to 26% since 1989. Up to 15% of marriages are sexless and no fun at all.

The researchers don't know why. It could be video games or distracting streaming entertainment. It could be social media, stress, lack of sleep, soy protein, or porn. Maybe it's vaccines, antidepressants, hormonal birth control, or microplastics. Or maybe the alien overlords are culling the herd with libido-zapping laser beams.

As with many social patterns, the researchers and sexologists seem to be missing something: foundational health. Maybe people are too fat to fornicate. Or, more likely, their physical, hormonal, and psychological health is so poor that all the underlying mechanisms that drive us to have enjoyable sex are broken.

As the researchers remind us, there isn't likely a single cause of increasing sexlessness. But if we focus on health, we can identify a pretty big one: low vitamin D (Buy at Amazon).

Appetite for Seduction

Wanting sex and not being able to get it is a problem. But the real issue is not wanting sex at all. Where did all the sex drive go?

Well, around 42% of Americans are deficient in vitamin D (probably more if you use progressive goals for the vitamin's blood levels) and vitamin D affects sex drive. The big D regulates our hormones and affects our moods. Vitamin D isn't really a vitamin at all; it's a pro-hormone, so that makes sense. Here are several ways that vitamin D affects sex drive:

  1. Vitamin D is involved in testosterone synthesis, a hormone crucial for libido. Studies found that men with higher levels of vitamin D tend to have higher testosterone levels. Other studies show that men deficient in vitamin D get a significant boost when they supplement.
  2. To have a healthy sex drive, you've gotta have plenty of "free" testosterone. Too much sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG) "captures" some of our testosterone so it can't do its thing. Vitamin D3 lowers SHBG, freeing up testosterone.
  3. Vitamin D helps with estrogen regulation, a hormone essential for female sexual health. Clinically, women with adequate levels of vitamin D report fewer symptoms of estrogen deficiency, including low libido. Women with elevated vitamin D3 levels score higher on factors relating to sexual satisfaction: more arousal, desire, lubrication, and toe-curling orgasms.
  4. It's hard to get horny if you're anxious or depressed, and vitamin D is linked to mood regulation via its effect on serotonin, a neurotransmitter that influences mood and well-being. People with inadequate vitamin D are more likely to suffer from depression and anxiety. Supplementing with vitamin D improves mood and reduces depression, helping to ensure a healthy libido.
  5. "I'm too tired" is the most common explanation for not wanting any hanky or panky, and vitamin D deficiency is associated with fatigue. In studies, when men and women correct their deficiencies, energy levels improve.
  6. Vitamin D supports the immune system, reduces inflammation, helps with cardiovascular health, and boosts blood flow – all things that enhance libido and sexual performance in both sexes.
  7. Vitamin D deficiency is associated with endothelial (blood vessel) dysfunction, which impairs blood flow and contributes to erectile dysfunction. Vitamin D supplementation improves ED by improving endothelial health and nitric oxide production, crucial for erections. And remember, erection drugs help men get it on when they have the desire, but they don't do anything to create that initial desire. Vitamin D, however, plays a ground-level role because it affects mood, hormone levels, and energy.

What Kind of Vitamin D Works Best?

Doctors used to say that vitamin D blood levels of 20 ng/mL are good enough. But today, the smarter docs suggest we shoot for 50 to 70 ng/ml. Hitting those numbers – and fixing any issues causing low sex drive or poor horizontal tango performance – requires about 5000 IU of vitamin D3 per day. Even then, it's difficult to do with grocery-store capsules, which don't use pharmaceutical delivery systems to guarantee absorption.

What you want is microencapsulated (Buy at Amazon) vitamin D3. It's made by encapsulating vitamin D molecules in liposomes (solid lipid nanoparticles). That not only protects the vitamin D from temperature and oxidation, it makes it highly bioavailable and longer-lasting in the body.

Each capsule of D Fix High Absorption Vitamin D (Buy at Amazon) contains 5000 IU of this microencapsulated form.

Buy D Fix High-Absorption Vitamin D at Amazon

Correcting mild to moderate vitamin D deficiencies takes around 8 weeks or more using 2000 IU of standard D3. Using 5000 IU should speed up that time frame, and supplement formulators expect microencapsulated D3 to work much faster.

Severe deficiencies can take 12 weeks to correct, often using weekly dosages of 50,000 IU. But that big dose involves standard D3 supplements. Microencapsulated D3 might make such mega-doses obsolete.

Horny is Healthy

Sex drive is like the canary in the coal mine. If it dies, something is wrong with your shaft. The sexologists are right: the drop in sexual activity has multi-factorial causes. But taking care of the basic physiology of libido is a good first step to correcting the course.

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vitamin d has nothing to do with women not wanting men as much as men want women.

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Reason ppl are having less sex… could it have anything to do with the 10k genders all of a sudden, the fact it’s “popular” to be gay… orbthe fact guys are tired of bulls*it… just tossing it oit there…

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Or you’re just ugly or have a crappy personality. :smiley: But multiple studies show that certain deficiencies greatly affect female libido – D3, zinc, and iron especially. Add hormonal birth control and an antidepressant (18% of women in 2018, more now I’m betting), and the men in their lives are in for a dry spell, sadly.

I’d say that part of all that, aside from social influence, the woke movement, the brainwashing by some educators, etc., is related to basic deficiencies affecting physiology and psychology, hormone issues, and probably something we haven’t put on our fingers on yet, which might be (dons tinfoil hat) some of the same stuff I outlined in the intro, but probably not the aliens.

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Crap I have been using “Nature Made” vit. D 10,000iu. Now the comment in the article about ‘grocery store vitamins delivery system’ has me concerned.
I’m three blocks from the ocean in Miami Beach. These days at 57 I limit my exposure the sun with few beach visits except with the dog after 6pm. How much sun exposure daily is sufficient I wonder. Time of day, amount of clothing…

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Here’s something from a previous article below. The sunlight parts gets confusing the more you look into it: certain times of day are best, some are bad, sunlight through a window doesn’t count, some experts get picky about where on your body the sun hits you, etc.

“You can fortify vitamin D levels by lying buck naked in the sun at least twice a week for 20 minutes. However, lying in the sun has largely fallen by the wayside because of legitimate fears of skin cancer. Even if we venture out in the sun regularly, most of us wear sunscreen, which blocks the skin’s ability to convert UVB radiation into vitamin D3. Besides, many people live at the “wrong” latitudes and only get therapeutic amounts of sunlight a few months out of the year.”

Thanks for the quick reply and article.
I have always thought that to be a great idea for Vit.D if one is able to do so without being arrested. My solution for fall and winter in South Florida (yeah we have em, sorta.) when the sun is mostly in the southern hemisphere is to take some time in front of my bedroom sliders that face south upon awakening. In spring and summer grab a long board and paddle out in the ocean far enough out of sight except for perverted life guards with binoculars. You can drop the board shorts and lay on your board to intake the UV rays and synthesize some Vit.D for a few minutes. Then hurry home before Melanoma sets in.

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I’m landlocked in cold-ass Colorado, so all that sounds pretty awesome!

Is the hypothetical 20 minutes twice a week considered “safe,” or rather a short enough duration to lower concerns about skin cancer?

And is there any real benefit to the nude factor? Say someone works outside and their face and arms get sun all day. Does the body recognize that sunlight is hitting all parts when naked or does sunlight on just a portion of the body do the same thing?

Just thoughts that occurred. Science is not my strong suit, haha.

All good questions.

That was a snippet from one of TC’s older articles, and he really dove into the details in those. As I recall, the 20-minute thing is safe for most, but it kinda depends on how dark your skin is (the darker it is the harder it is to get vitamin D), and maybe on time of day and even altitude. For example, I’m at 6035 feet without hiking up the local mountains, and man, full sunlight is intense! I’d go a shorter time if I was laying out in it.

I think what TC was getting with the “fully nude” comment was that surface area matters. I suppose the risk with arms/face/neck-only is that you may burn on those areas by the time you get enough vitamin D. And a vaguely recall some expert saying that chest and upper back is best, but I don’t recall the logic.

I shave my head, so I always pull off my hat for a few minutes while walking the dogs in full sunlight. Anything over 10 minutes up the mountains though makes me a natural red-head!

Old joke:

Yea I take it for granted most of the time. After so many years here I would trade for a mountain view and supplement with the Bio-Test product. At least for a period of time till I missed the ocean.

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I live in Scotland. What is this “sunshine” of which you speak?

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