Biden 2021 - A Mediocre Middle Ground

How would half a vote get counted?


I’ve been there and done that. Nowadays the old hawk tuah is a lot easier to come by.

A half decent economy, not so easy to find.

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A summation of Bidens presidency: “Keep your guns. You’re gonna need 'em”.

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Not sure if this is a joke, but both Nebraska and Maine can split their votes. They don’t split them in half. They just give some votes to one candidate and some to another.

The US Constitution gives each state the power to send a number of electors to the electoral college equal to the number of senators and representatives that state gets. However, the Constitution is silent on how that state should appoint those electors. In theory, a state could send electors appointed by the governor or drawn from a hat or any other way that the state constitution determined. In practice, all states hold popular elections to appoint their electors and all states but NE and ME appoint all of their electors to vote for the winner of the statewide popular vote.

In ME and NE, the winner of the statewide popular vote is awarded two electors and the winner of the popular vote in each of the states house districts is awarded one elector. This means that a candidate can pick up votes for winning the popular vote in a house district while losing the statewide popular vote. This has happened in recent elections with the urban district of NE going blue while the state as a whole goes red and also with the rural district of ME going red while the state as a whole goes blue.

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Up until April 15th of this year, it basically worked that way. I think we were 2/2 split evenly in 2020. The same Democracy Defenders who struck Trump from the primary ballot in Maine this year have also cooked up yet another scheme designed to disenfranchise non-progressives by tying our electoral votes to the popular vote as expressed by voters who live everywhere except Maine.

Maine is fucked, in my opinion. The progressives are deeply, deeply entrenched here now. My town had a stunning and unprecedented voter mobilization effort yesterday to approve the school budget, which was shot down twice until hundreds and hundreds of “New Mainers” were registered yesterday under our process, which requires no proof of citizenship or even photo ID. These informed vote casters were then able to exercise their civic responsibility to approve a bloated budget for a failing institution.

I may have been outnumbered by non-English speakers in line at the polls yesterday, but I try to look on the bright side. Boys can now play on girls’ sports teams on their way to a useless diploma that symbolizes absolutely nothing about their actual level of achievement.

Maine has sometimes split 3/1. It has never split 2/2 and in practice it would be very difficult for a 2/2 split to occur. 2/2 split would mean that one candidate won popular vote statewide while the other candidate won the popular vote in both legislative districts taken individually. Mathematically, that is only possible if the race has strong 3rd and 4th party candidates.

The change in Maine’s appointment that you reference only takes effect if 270 electoral votes worth of states agree to it, which currently is not the case.

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Yes, you are correct about the 3/1 split. As far as the bill goes, it is still designed to detach Maines’ electoral votes from Maine voters.

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I’m voting for Biden. He’s gonna win anyway.


Ridin’ with Biden man! :+1:

He may not know where he’s going but but he spoke with a bunch of dead soldiers about defeating medicare…



It’s meant to help finish off States and to leave them as just location markers. The Electoral College is one of very few vestiges of actual America left.


I’m just glad to see young people vote. Your conservatism will come eventually.


Biden’s 25 minutes late to his own press conference, not a good sign. They played some greatest hits courtesy of the White House, then a bald guy stared at us with a muted mic for a few minutes and now there is elevator music playing.

WTF is going on? Are we on hold?

This seems very bizarre to me, now he’s 30 minutes late and no statement whatsoever. Still the same music playing against the image here.

Edit: Now 45 minutes late and I switched to Fox, who at least is having the talking heads stall. This is really not good at all. We’ve never looked weaker in my lifetime. Please don’t be another national disaster.

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‘‘Ridin’ with Biden’’ could totally be the title of a new porn parody series similar to the now iconic ‘‘Nailin’ Palin’'.


He seems like a smart young man. He’ll let go of this “team” thing when he lives a little longer, and learns that common sense trump (pun intended!) all.

I don’t read a lot of @tlgains posts, but I’ve randomly come across a few that would classify as “conservative” already lol…


I learned yesterday that the Presidential military band (or whatever it’s called) “volunteered” to write an entrance piece to mark the Entrance of the First Lady LOLLLLLL!!! (word on the street was that they were initially confused by the request to write one)

That reminded me of this Onion article from back when it was still funny occasionally.


I don’t like to criticize people who are more talented than I am, you know, be that guy, that arsehole. But…instead of “Biden had convinced Jennifer Britmore, a 41-year-old mother of four visiting from Indiana, to let him show her around D.C.”, it should’ve read something like “to take the night off, and let him show her four teenage daughters around D.C.”…

1st of the series " :snowflake: Rockin’ & Rollin’ " .

Plot: Hunter rides around DC smoking crack and banging underage sex trafficking fodder.

Style: Various clips of actual footage taken from his laptop.


The difficulty in achieving the money shot due to all the drugs promps his father Joe to burst into the scene, shouting words of encouragement: ‘‘CUM ON, MAN!!!’’