Best PT Certification - 2024

It’s an old topic but haven’t seen a recent thread on it. I am considering certification for my third act in life with the goal of teaching barbell training to beginners, mainly seniors like myself.

To that end, I figure the cheapest and easiest might be the best, but want something with industry cred.


I got a degree from NPTI, and the PN cert, but those have just been for personal benefit. Maybe talk to other trainers in the area to find what works and what your market niche could be?

Since you’ve all ready accumulated a wealth of knowledge, and want to focus on beginners and seniors, go slow with them to retain clients.

If all that is necessary is a piece of paper, I would agree.

A year of heavy PED use and 1,000+ TikTok followers.

Just kidding, sorry I don’t know much about this stuff. Good luck though! It’s awesome that you’re considering this.

I figure as far as what I want to do with it - basic BB training - not much is “necessary” other than what an employer wants to cover his exposure. So a cert with some insurance.

I am not going to be doing programming or nutrition other than referring people to some beginners programs and to nutritionists, so I don’t think the “knowledge” aspect of certification is necessary.

I have been to a few SS camps, took a seminar for the CSCS exam, have been lifting for thirty years (sporadically), am fit myself.

But, am ignorant really of what an owner/employer might want.

My guess would be to minimize his legal liability.

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Mine as well.

To minimize your legal liability, especially with seniors, my guess would be to get a cert that requires CPR training. I think the ACSM and the NPTI requires that. First aid training would be a plus as well.

To be honest, not sure how great the pool of seniors actually interested in barbell training would be.

As someone who has gone through most of the reputable certs (and an old geezer of 62), I find the NASM “template” the most applicable for me personally; iirc, something about mobility/stability, then strength.

My research tells me almost all certifying agencies require CPR - AED certification. They do these online now for $35.

The gym in California where I lift has several trainers on staff, and they do a lot of training. I believe they are all NASM certified.

The last time I was considering this I had narrowed it down to NASM, ACE, or ISSA. I think I need to look at cost and continuing ed requirements and then decide.