Best Protocol to Maintain Libido?

[quote]Bdubbs wrote:
Thank you for the info. I’ll be doing 500mg a week. Two injections, Monday and Thursday. I did just order up some clomid for pct as well. I’ve read up a little on proviron, I’ll have to research it some more. I was also wondering should I take adex the first day I start or wait a week or two? Or until I feel some sides coming on?[/quote]

If you have never done a cycle I strongly advise you to first get blood/lab work levels on your testosterone, free T, estradiol, DHEA and PSA. You want to have a reference point before you go playing with your hormone levels. (If you mess things up bad you know where you started)

You can join for about $6/month and get good discounts, although their blood work prices go down considerably more in April. For instance their basic male hormone tests at LabCorp are now $75 and should go down to $50 in April. They email, snail mail or however you chose a lab order from a doctor on staff then you take that in to your nearest LabCorp location. If you get the PSA prostate lab refrain from any sex for 48 hrs prior. Alcohol, green tea if in excess can also effect T level readings somewhat.

Start your anti-aromatase as soon as you begin cycle. I personally started out on exemestane then found arimedex/anastrozole easier to maintain a steady estradiol level. You want to keep in the low twenties as was stated above, when you go higher you risk wasting your T. I guess youknow the more body fat the easier excess T converts to estrogen.

Aromasin/exemestane has a shorter half life than most posts indicate so on 500mg T you may need 12.5mg twice a ed/day every day or eod/every other day - because everyone is different. I was taking 25mg eod and my estradiol was at 37. on the reference scale it was still within the normal range which ended at 42, but you want low twenties.

You ideally also do want a second blood/lab done but I suggest waiting a month or two, to really get the best overall picture of what your cycle is doing. Make note of it and see if anything needs to be lowered or raised. And as Mr.Walkway also says keep an eye on your blood pressure. Some people will have it go high on them and your kidneys are then affected.

The major thing to remember is that extra T will allow your body to process a whole lot more calories. So if you wish to see anything from 500mg/week you better be putting away a lot of high quality protein. Most guys don’t understand it’s not that easy and will waste one or two cycles before that fact hits home.

I would get yourself some modern BCAA’s with the 8:1 ratio with leucine = 8 grams. Leucine will initiate the protein synthesis. Eat your protein every three hours. Shakes, chicken breasts, salmon, steak, greek yogurt (look for store brand with24 grams of protein in a cup)

Lastly if you have never injected testosterone, the initial two-three weeks are the best because your body will still be making it’s own. You will enjoy a boost of having both natural levels with the injected T. Enjoy that while it lasts.

Now questions for you. How do you plan on injecting T, intramuscular or subcutaneous? What size syringe needles? What body locations will you begin with on injections?