Best Diet For High Performance Fat Loss

The way I do thing with body comp clients, and this will be explained in an article I just finished writing, is as follow:

PHASE 1 (3-4 weeks)
Smallest caloric deficit
Low carbs (only keep carbs post workout)
High fat
Protein at 1.25g/pound roughly

PHASE 2 (3-4 weeks)
Decreased calories vs. phase 1
Increase carbs slightly (by adding carbs in the evening0
Moderate fats
Same protein

PHASE 3 (3-4 weeks)
Keep decrease calories
Increase carbs again (add carbs in one of the two periods you are having them)
Low fat
Same protein

PHASE 4 (2-3 weeks)
Lowest calories
Bring carbs down (keep only post-workout)
Low fat
Increase protein to 1.5g/pound

THIS LAST PHASE IS ACTUALLY. A STUPID THING TO DO It is something that will have side effects like feeling like crap, and maybe leading to a temporary drop in libido and could lead to a fast weight gain after the competition/photo shoot. Which is why I never do this with “normal clients”. it’s for those who need to get down to ridiculously low levels of body fat.