Beginners Routine

[quote]magick wrote:
Do you have any suggestions on useful yoga positions for mobility work?[/quote]
This article discussed a few good bang-for-buck moves that work the hips, glutes, and upper and lower back:

I also like “Warrior 1” which is basically a lunge position with both arms overhead. I use a variation of it (including a lateral bend) in my general warm-up every workout.

[quote]Massthetics wrote:
Do you know any good sources for yoga routines? I would prefer to do it at home.[/quote]
FitnessBlender on Youtube has a few good videos, but some are also hit and miss. DoYogaWithMe is another channel a lot of people like. The key is to look for “beginners” yoga and go at an easy pace, not trying to push or force any stretch.

Fair call. I’d still ease into lifting a little more gradually, rather than squatting 3 days a week. Even an upper/lower split 3 days a week would be a better transition back into training. I’d also adopt more of an anti-inflammatory diet, at the very least drastically increasing your fish oil intake. That’ll go towards helping whatever it is resolve a little on its own.

I definitely agree that it’s extra-tricky without a specific diagnosis of what’s going wrong with what muscle. That’s one of the biggest problems of e-diagnosing injuries. I’d keep doing what you can to narrow down what it is/could be, and check articles like Deconstructing Computer Guy and Neanderthal No More to try finding info that helps:

Try some tissue work with a tennis ball or two, or get in there yourself.