Beginner Cycle Critique

I’ve been lurking in this forum for some times now. I would like to start my 12 weeksbeginner cycle which is Test E Dbol cycle. I have had do some research, I hope veteran user could enlighten me in this area.

Little background of myself: 22 years old, natural weightlifting training for 5.5 years. Always have been eating healthy due to sport needed; good foundation of cardiovascular system (half marathon, as well as 10k race, training since 12/13/14 years old). I am also in good shape currently.

Age: 22
Bodyfat percentage:12-13%
Height: 176cm/5ft8,
Weight: 72kg/159lbs

Currently I have: test enanthate, Dbol, aromasin(Exemestane), clomid, nolva, HCG

Test E weekly injection amount: 500mg. Split on Wednesday/ Saturday 1-12 weeks
Dbol dosage: 1-4 weeks 50mg for the first week/ 30mg 2-4 week
Aromasin: not sure do I need it or not during the cycle but if high estrogen occurred 25mg EOD
PCT: Clomiphene and Nolva 50/50/50/50 and 40/20/20/20
Injection site: Quadriceps


  1. Do i need to incorporate my HCG intp my first cycle?
  2. Should I use aromasin throughout the cycle or just when the side effect occurred? and PCT as well?
  3. Is there a way to optimal my cycle dosage?
  4. Should I do a blood test during the cycle? if it is needed how to explain the roofed testosterone level?

Ps: if any problems in my cycle pleace don’t flame me laugh at my stupidity, I know i still have muc to lean
Thank you in advance

you’ve been lurking here a while and still don’t know to run your AI from the start and hCG at 250iu thrice weekly? Tut tut, young man.

Your cycle is more or less there, though. 500mg test E pinned twice a week; use 12.5mg aromasin a day; take the hcg; don’t stack the SERMs for PCT - pick one or the other.

Good to go broseph

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