BBB's HGH Protocol

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HA shot

What is an HA shot?


Heh. Glad you asked, AF, I was feeling dumb.

I just wanted to add that I’ve come into a ton of GHRP-6, probably more than I’ll ever need (50mg of the stuff), and I’ve started using it in the manner described above. I don’t know what kind of effect on somatostatin it is or isn’t having, but I can certainly attest to the HUNGER that comes upon injecting. I have now twice injected 250mcg before bed and, pretty much within 10 seconds of my injecting, I am hit with an ugly, ravenous, MASSIVE hunger that will NOT be ignored. Holy crap is it ever powerful. Not a pleasant feeling at all. From now on I plan to inject around a final bedtime meal and have something ready to go, because these last two times I’ve just pretty much crashed into my kitchen like an insane person and started stuffing my face with whatever my hands happen to fall upon.


I was wondering…

Did you at any time consume carbs alone or always protein and carbs during the IV experiment?
And if so do you report any lethargy?

I ask because I only associated the lethargy I am getting when another user of the GH IV method gave me some feedback on his experience. He is in our age bracket and in spite of phenomenal strength increase - which I continue to experience and am delighted about - has also experienced the lethargy I mentioned.

I was initially wondering it had something to do with the consumption and utilization of carbs under the IV method ( I am not following a BB diet and have carbs on its own during the day as my job is physically demanding ).
I remember experiencing somnolence when I used to eat carbs on its own at night - it would make me sleepy.

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I am hit with an ugly, ravenous, MASSIVE hunger that will NOT be ignored. Holy crap is it ever powerful.[/quote]

I have this right after the GH IV am shot alone…RAPACIOUS wolf like animal instinct to eat.


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‘HA shot’ = hyperaminoacidemia shot.
When you say “shot” is this like a tequila shot or is it an injection concoction one makes?

Aye, Leucine sure tastes like shit.

Question BBB,

What do you think is the optimal time for spacing the IV/IM shots out during the day in terms of hours? What is the minimum time you would like to space them out during the day?

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Alpha F wrote:
bushidobadboy wrote:

HA shot

What is an HA shot?

Heh. Glad you asked, AF, I was feeling dumb.


I can picture us all in a room with BBB, him using some term none of us understand, and all of us looking around hoping someone else will ask him what he meant.

Basically it is is making sure that there is always excess amino’s in the blood (or actually it is HAVING them in the blood).

The reason the bodybuilding fraternity say dose protein every 3 hours came from the fact that Whey Protein elevates blood amino levels for approx. 3 hours, so to keep a positive nitrogen balance it is necessary to dose that frequently.

This is why BB use so much protein, but not taken all in the AM - to ensure there is ample for constructive purposes at all times (and physiologically, hyperaminoacidemia is likely very closely connected to this).

This is a reason people choose casein at night. Many follow this protocol without knowing the depths of it - myself included until fairly recently.
(I was over at the supps and nutrition forum and it became clear that until reading about the protocol [which is advanced to say the least] many were not even using pre and post workout nutrition! In the Nutrition forum! THIS is why i stay in this forum, the other depress me).

The protocol BBB has touched on however goes significantly deeper than what i said above however - there is at least one article(s) on this site detailing the idea of maximising HA as i believe it was CT that took it a step further.

I myself am yet to read it, as i know once i do i will likely be changing my own protocol!


Yeah - as i suspected there is a significant amount of new science behind the new work - i really should read it soon.
Although that does not come as a shock - as i know that the ‘anabolic effect’ of leucine was more related to the change in levels rather than the levels themselves.

I did read up on the complexities of HCP/HWP and wow! That is some fucking-funky bio-availability!

I believe we use the same bulk supplier (MP) - did you get the HCP there?

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Alpha F wrote:
bushidobadboy wrote:

‘HA shot’ = hyperaminoacidemia shot.

When you say “shot” is this like a tequila shot or is it an injection concoction one makes?

Lol woman, if you want to inject 10g leucine and 40g whey, then you can count me out!

It is an oral shot of course. I say ‘shot’ to emphasise that it’s lower in volume/higher in concentration than a ‘drink’. This is for 2 reasons. 1: The tase is baaad, so a shot makes it easier to consume. 2: Digestion is facilitated when the enzymes can do their work without a lot of extra, unnecessary water.


So its a tequila shot. ; )
( I like when you say ‘woman’ - it is very meaow )

DISCLAIMER: I am not flirting, just saying!

Ok, I just came back from the store where I buy my Biotest supplements and they did not stock L-Leucine. The other companies that did it on its own were capsules and 75.00 GBP
I ended up buying an EAA stack complex at 6,000 mg of:


niacin 5mg
vitamin B6 250mcg

It is powder form and palatable. I used grapefruit juice to make the shot.

I could not find hydrolyzed whey.

I thought this would be better than nothing since my nutrition is not BB and I don’t get to eat any protein until the evening.

I want to take my change in body composition more seriously but the diet is a big issue for me, admittedly. I can’t stomach protein powder and would much rather eat food.

I understand the hydrolyzed whey gets digested pretty quickly, is that correct?

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Why didn’t you just PM me to ask where Brook and I (and hundereds of others here) get their stuff from?

Leucine: �£40 per kilo roughly
Hydro Whey: �£18 per kilo
Flavouring system: �£12 per 250g


Because I want it now. ; )

On a serious note:

I got the above EAA today because the lethargy ( GH day today ) is really getting to me and I thought it might wake me up. I had planned 400m sprints for today and a back and biceps workout and I am finding difficult to leave the couch ( as my posting away shows ).

I used 25mg of pure ephedrine yesterday and I think it contributed to my neck tension and temporal lobe headache. I don’t really feel awake, though once I start lifting I wake up and stay up and strong and alert!

I am doing my GH shots:

Upon waking 2 IU
Pre workout 2 IU ( around 6pm I shoot )
Post workout 4 IU ( about 1 hour later if just doing weights; 2 1/2 hrs later if doing cardio and weights )

All IV shots.

I have written about 10 days of my daily nutrition and will email you the 5. My eating has never interfered with my performance but if I need to adjust it to adapt to the GH IV method I will. I really like this protocol.

I am off to at least get that back workout in and maybe run in the dark later.

Alpha F over and out.