Ares81 Surge Challenge Training Log

I’m currently recovering from a Dogg Crapp style workout (brutal … it doesn’t seem to be done for me … I prefer a bigger volume, to rely on my senses and train my whole body)

I tested in the past (for about 1 month) 30-10-30 … nice, but too light (it should be more focused and harder)

According to the CT coach, I have a 2b neurotype. So I used GVT training and advanced GVT training … it suits me but I would prefer a whole body workout.

I would like to use giant supersets / trisets / sets in the future, as I have a balanced neurotransmitter (according to Charles P.)
… Or maybe fortitude training (but I don’t find it too challenging)

I really like negative (long-term) repetitions or static training … I tried frequently, but I’m unmotivated because in the online environment it doesn’t seem to bring positive results …

I also report anthropological data (in centimeters, “cold” and tense / tension):
Gamba 38.5;
Thigh 62.5;
Abdomen 105-105.5;
Back 125;
Neck 44.5-45;
Hand wrist 20;
Forearm 34.5;
Arm 42.5 - 43…

I am around 177-178 years old and 41 years old (I think BMI is between overweight and obesity … at work I have more intellectual stress)

My diet has been the same for a long time (since 23 years)

Morning 08.00-09.00 AM: milk, yogurt 1 liter (to provide me with 30 grams of protein);

Lunch 13-14PM: usually cheese (I need 30+ grams of protein)

Third meal 05.00-06.00PM: 4 eggs + cheese … (to provide me with 30 grams of protein)

Training day 09.00-10.30PM (maximum 45 min-1 hour) …

Evening meal 10.30-11.00PM: dairy … to ensure a minimum of 20-25 grams of protein

Rest: on the day with training 11.30PM-06.30AM; on rest day or free time: 10.00 / 11.00PM- 08.00 / 09.00 AM.

I mention that I have no medical problems and my diet ensures my satisfaction / well-being… I weigh 97-98 kilograms

Is there a need / should something be improved / to change certain habits!?!?

Reading Surge Challenge, the nine muscle groups will be divided as follows:

Back (Width)
Back (Thickness)

week 1 A B A / Monday, Wednesday, Friday … week 2 B A B … 30-45 minutes / training