And Justice Is Served?

Full disclosure, I think these people are morons but wtf? 18 years? Meanwhile, you have sexual predators and murderers getting less time. And let’s not forget elected officials who are the real traitors, thieves and war criminals that never answer for their crimes. This insignificant little guy is treated like some Bondesque criminal mastermind


Thats what the left wants

It’s a message to future dissidents.


Dindu Nuffin? I wonder how closely you followed the trial, or is this opinion based on gut feelings and your own political bias.

Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time. He was facing 25 years, so I think he got off a little easy with just 18. The judge imposed a terrorism enhancement on his charges. Terrorism is violence with a political goal. I would say that’s accurate.

“I dare say Mr. Rhodes, and I have never said this to anyone I have sentenced: You, sir, present an ongoing threat and a peril to this country, the Republic and the very fabric of democracy.” (Judge Mehta)

The other Oath Keepers expressed remorse. Kelly Meggs broke down crying multiple times. Jessica Watkins called herself an “idiot”. The only one who has not admitted wrong-doing is Stewart Rhodes.

What would be a fair sentence, if 18 years is too many? I’m 60 years old, January 6th was the single worst day in America’s history that I’ve been alive to witness. Worse than 9-11, in my opinion. Worse than the Oklahoma City bombing. Those events were not existential threats to democracy. But Jan 6th was. We can argue over which day was the worst. But January 6th was a horrible day for this country.

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Jessica Watson of the Oath Keepers was sentenced to 8.5 years today. Should she serve her time in a mens’ prison? She identifies as transgender.

Don’t waste time on hypotheticals like “maybe she could be pardoned” or “she shouldn’t go to prison at all”. This isn’t Fantasy Football, she was already convicted and today she was sentenced.

If you believe transgender women are really men who just change their appearance to look like women, then do you want Oath Keeper Jessica Watkins to serve out 8.5 years in a men’s federal penitentiary?

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I can’t take anyone who uses existential in this context seriously.


I’ll follow your lead and say don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time.

Dude, your sense of scale, and probably your values, are non-existent.

I turn 61 this weekend, and January 6th was not even a mote in my eye, but for you was apparently a mote in god’s eye, existentially speaking.


Damn. You’re an idiot.


9/11: 2000+ deaths, two decades of war, the TSA

OK City: 150+ deaths

January 6th: 5 (?) deaths; trespassing

Real tough decision.


OK, if that’s how you feel, fine.

I just think it’s surprising you feel that way considering the death tolls and devastation caused by those other two events.

I looked up the death tolls of these events.

9-11 had 2,996 deaths. And it caused enormous damage to infrastructure, terror, job losses, and serious health problems.

The Oklahoma City bombing had 168 deaths and 500 injured and also left people with health problems and caused damage to infrastructure.

There were five deaths in the January 6th event.


I see we were typing at the same time with the same thought.

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And at least one busted window. AND SOME GUY PUT HIS FEET UP ON NANCY PELOSI’S DESK!!! :rage:


Another troll

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Ashli Babbitt was shot by one of the cops

the others died of natural causes or suicide


It’s interesting which unarmed citizens can be shot and killed and people like AOC don’t Tweet about murder or at the very least demand a thorough, transparent and independent investigation. This tells you something about justice and democracy in America.

We should ask ourselves how the government would have reacted if there had been a dozen or more Ashli Babbitts. If it was ok to kill one of them, what’s the difference if it had been several?

I’m not saying it wasn’t a justified shooting but anytime a citizen is killed by a government official, he or she deserves to have the circumstances of their death questioned and scrutinized. But the government has unlimited resources when it comes to convicting a one eyed man and others of trying to overthrow a government they had no chance of overthrowing.

I actually believe if AOC had the ability, she would literally confiscate dissidents’ property and gulag them.


I can see that, as it would be the ultimate expression of cancel culture. These people love to talk about diversity and inclusion but they really want conformity and groupthink.


It’s bullshit, political persecution. We are in full on banana republic shit at this point.


How was it a threat to democracy? Or our Republic, which is what I’m assuming you meant.