Anavar Liver Enzyme Spike Duration

I recently completed my first cycle, with good results.

I ran test, mast & anavar, and utilized some OTC supps for cycle support.

I had labs drawn two weeks post cycle and all values were in line from cholesterol through kidney function & glomular rate to liver function, with the exception of AST values specifically which were 4x the normal range. Every other liver value was spot on.

I know this is to be expected but I’m curious how long it generally takes to normalize vs checking for potential permanent damage. Also would like to have a beer again, but not until things are normal.

Google searches are all over the map, with most results focusing on side effects from clinical & consequently irrelevant doses for burn patients or something similar.

I ran oxandrolone at 25mg split twice daily for 2 weeks, then 50mg split twice daily for six weeks.

How long have you been off? Drawing bloods 2 weeks post cycle is prob a little premature. Things take time to get back to normal. Everyone is different so that’s why the answers you are seeing is all over the place.
I would wait another 3-4 weeks and have labs repeated and see if your going in the right direction.

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Thanks. I’ve been off a few days shy of a month at this point. I’ll probably schedule something late this month to double check then.

This is a bit concerning to have levels that high. Do you drink? Do you have pre cycle bloods?
After my show last year i had bloods taken about 4 weeks post show. All levels were a few points elevated. I was on 50mg/daily anavar and 50mg/daily for 8 weeks. That was the only oral but there was test/mast/tren and inj winstrol in the mix as well.
AST 51 10-40
ALT 52 9-46

No alcohol since last fall. I was wrong though, it was ALT vs AST. Pre cycle bloods were normal but I don’t remember the exact value.

Mine was at 120.

I believe levels elevated at 2-3 times the normal range are still considered “mild”? See how they look in a couple weeks.

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Cannot emphasize enough that EVERYONE is different and will react differently to whatever gear you use. If you have severe reactions to ANYTHING, please stop and reevaluate your usage. There are acceptable and expected elevations (bro science) to a great number of panels depending on the level of your usage, experience, and actual LBM.

Having been on the extreme higher end of all that, I would accept higher numbers than most, for what I was doing at the time. I was also competing professionally, I would look for normalized numbers for what YOU are doing, for long term health.

My opinion, good luck in your journey.

Take care.


Do you take any liver protection? The thought that Var is “safe “ ain’t so. Safer than some stuff, sure. But it has associated issues as you can see.

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Yes I took TUDCA for liver support.

Also NAC for general health, CoQ10, nattokinase, krill oil and Superfood.

I anticipated a spike in liver enzymes for the record, just can’t find info on a typical spike vs extreme or timeline to return to baseline.

The labs checked 5 liver markers & enzymes in total, this is the only one out of whack. No jaundice, energy loss or any symptoms. Mildly concerned at this point but really just wanting everything in check before resuming alcohol or supplements I’ve put on hold.

I have more labs scheduled but as this was my first time around I’m curious for experiences as I wait.

Just for fun I’ve been researching elevated ALT levels independent of other liver and health marker concerns in general and found that strenuous exercise can be a culprit, & that it’s common among athletes to see high ALT levels.

I’ll see what pending follow up labs say, but the day before my lab work I did heavy squats, high volume deadlifts and high volume accessory work, in a sustained caloric deficit.

I’m sure anavar played a role given timing but it would be ironic if the exercise itself was throwing labs, lol.

Also looks like heart attacks can cause alt to spike individually so there’s that. Pretty sure that wasn’t the case though.

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For anyone interested, I had a liver sonogram done and everything was normal. I’m sure the spiked enzymes were transient and will find out soon.

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