Ammunition Vending Machines

I know there are some gun people here so I thought I’d share.

Hopefully this idea is more broadly adopted over time.

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We don’t have a vending machine but our Lowes Market has a pretty good selection of ammo. Ridiculously expensive, like everything else in the store but I think they sell plenty during hunting seasons.

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Yeah retail prices suck. Some rounds I buy online or even at wholesale by the pallet with a group of buddies for bulk pricing but for deer season rounds it’s definitely annoying paying all the retail markups.

I would think the cost of vending machine bullets pass the cost of the vending machine placement itself on the consumer too.

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I hope they succeed (slightly creeped out by the facial recognition thing) but was wondering which brands they’d offer or if they’d just go with one thing, like Blazer or Federal.

This is slightly off topic, but is there a real difference between ammo brands? Someone at my range made a comment about Fiocchi (I think), and that’s the first I’d ever considered that there might be quality differences.

I was just taught the difference between 115-grain versus 124-grain, so what else am I missing? Fun facts welcome.

Yes. Powder quality, burn rate, tolerance levels for case crimping, material used et cetera.

In a nutshell it’s like comparing a high quality, refined protein powder with a concentrate.

As an example, lower quality gun powders can still be standardized for uniform performance but will be dirty and leave more carbon deposits and grime to clean.

Poor crimping can affect performance in a variety of ways.

If the bullet itself has impurities, usually not observable to the naked eye, it can alter accuracy and range given poor aerodynamics.

Steel casings vs brass can be tough on extractors, and can even expand to the point of getting stuck in or cracking a chamber.

You’ll get fewer feed problems and stove pipes with higher quality rounds.

Most issues are not that big of a deal for occasional shooting up close. Most of your self-defense scenarios won’t need optimized accuracy over hundreds or even thousands of yards, but if you’re in to rifles or competition quality matters.

I would be cautious of steel casings and feed problems across all scenarios though, and especially self-defense.


I’m sure it does. I bet they are extremely pricey.

I agree with @Dani_Shugart that the facial recognition thing is creepy, but is probably better at checking valid license better than a human. When they scan your license for beer they don’t even look at the front of it… lol

Just as a side note: if you are buying lots of ammo do NOT store it in the attic/ house. My neighbors house got stuck by lightning a couple months ago and ammo cooked off for 12 hours straight! Then randomly for another six hours. The poor volunteer firefighters were skeered, and I don’t blame them.

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Yeah, it’s unfortunate. But I’m aware that every retail store either has security cameras or neighbors do, and they see us coming and going at the very least, with a record of purchase inside. Plus I typically use a card with a digital footprint vs cash, especially online.

I think we are surveilled and databased faaar more often than we think about or would be comfortable knowing. And that’s without a Dale Gribbel view of satellites and voice activated spy programs on our phones and whatever else in the mix. It is disconcerting to have it literally put right in front of your face though.



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WHOA. Thank you so much for the thorough breakdown!

It’s probably just a matter of time until someone figures out how to hack it.

You also have people stealing entire ATM machines so that will probably happen as well. You can find instructions on how to break into ATMs on YouTube.

Probably. It’s easy enough to swipe bullets off a shelf though. Probably much easier.

I can only speak definitively for Texas but bullets normally aren’t in a locked case or any harder to access than any other shopliftable item.

America has ammunition vending machines and Japan has panty vending machines.

That checks out.

If Japan were as pro-gun as the US, they would have had ammo vending machine 20 years ago

How do you explain the US not having panty vending machines? Half of men here would smell them. Half would wear them. The rest would be praying for that asteroid.

Dude we have Onlyfans.

So that’s another half.