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After many years of lurking and a few months of random posting thought it might be time to post a journal, mostly prompted by the change of program and the thought that if I’m doing it wrong (quite likely) then I can get some correction!

As per title Dark Horse is currently program (2 sessions in) previous to this was 531 the vanilla pr top set every time version. Well not entirely true I tried reactive hypertrophy by meadows for 4 weeks then Tried and Tested by Clay Hyght - turns out I just cannot stand bodybuilding style training (something I’ve realised every time I’ve tried over the past 10 years), which sorta sucks because being massive is awesome but I’ll just have to try it a different way.

Been training for a long time with a serious break in the middle, been back at it a couple of years (with some minor injury breaks - odd few weeks/months usually from back issues from deadlifts!). I’m still weak as kitten (recentish top sets of 531 at around 195lbs - 180kg X 5 deads, 160kg X 8 squat, 165kg X 6 - not sure which of those I care about more, 60kg X 10 ohp, can’t remember bench but I’d guess something around 110 X 10 at present)

Currently 206lbs @ 6’2 and not too fat, some outline of abs probably around 15-17% body fat, but not lean. Started off at 19 at 151lbs and not lean either haha.

Goals; bigger, stronger, more athletic - shockingly original I know. Don’t want to gain too much fat but I lose it fairly easily and don’t tend to get massively fat in the first place - which leads to a less than stellar diet, honestly if I put some effort into my diet I’d probably look significantly better naked (last night was a prime example - whole pizza, followed by 150g fruit and nut chocolate and a salted caramel ice-cream). I’ll probably be slowly gaining weight over dark horse and then see where I am.



First session:

Concept 2: 10 mins - 2272m

Giant set 1 max effort 3rm deads:
kB swing 24kg X 5 (5 sets)
Sumo dl pause: 60, 100, 120, 140, 150 X 3
Planks X 5 sets
Burpee chins 5 X 5

Giant set 2 Volume:
kB swing - 5 X 3 sets
Sumo pause - 120 X 10, 8, 8
Planks X 3
Burpee chins 5 X 3 sets

Emom squats - 60 + blue bands X 3 - 10 mins

No assistance, sweaty puddle - kept to 90 secs rest for first two or three sets, from there it went 120 secs for 1 or 2 then stretched further and further, as needed to avoid vomitting (there is no good place to vomit in my garage!).

this is what my garage floor is going to look like for next few weeks.

I ditched my belt on 2nd set of volume because it increased the need to vomit!

That was “fun” my conditioning sucks - this program will hopefully cure that somewhat!


Week 1 day 2 - bench (this will be easier, right?!.. Nope)

Also I’m an idiot - and forgot I was supposed to be doing 1rm - so this ended up 3rm!

Conditioning emom 10 mins:
20m farmers with turn 60kg & 15 seconds battle ropes (dropped to 10 seconds battle ropes at round 4&5, dropped entirely for rounds 6-9 and 15 secs again round 10) - gross.

BB row: 60, 70, 80, 90, 100, 110, 110 X 3
Football bar bench: 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100, 110 X 3
Ab roll X 5 (7 sets)
Regular burpee

Row: 90 X 12, 8, 8
FB bench 90 X 11, 8, 8 (hit rack a couple of times on AMRAP and threw me off)
Ab roll X 5 X 3
Burpee 5 X 3

OHP bar & blue bands x3 emom 10 mins

No accessories.

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Good freaking luck. I tried this for maybe 3 weeks and it defeated me

Great work!

It’s a trap! The more you do the more you realize how much you suck :joy:

Haha thanks, I can definitely see how it annihilates you, neither of my sessions were in the time Brian says it’s possible and I’ve sacked off the accessories both times, so glad he said that was optional!

There’s no easy way to do it, so I think you’re good either way!

Oh great, I was hoping it’d get easier and I’d enjoy it at some point in my life!

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Quite the opposite, the “better” you get, the worse you feel

So much like lifting then!

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Hopefully the journal will keep me honest!

Good to see a log and a profile picture man.

Good luck with Dark Horse, it looks disgusting.

Thanks dagill! The profile picture made me feel very self conscious but I must say I always appreciate other people posting up pics, helps give context and always good of someone is similar in stats to get a idea of where you are in comparison. Since I appreciate it in others thought I’d best do it myself, full on pumped gym self though and tiny blurry pic haha.

DH is this far disgusting - well put!

As someone who doesn’t even do pictures “in real life”, I definitely get that posting topless pictures online can be uncomfortable. I’m glad I did when I did though, and kind of wish I had done earlier, if nothing else so I can see the progress. It’s also great, as you say, for people to decide who’s advice to follow. If me and pwn give competing view points, I’d like people to have the ability to look at our respective logs and decide that he’s right.

Well put, like you say a lot of info out there and whilst results don’t always equal knowledge, they at least show a person has walked the walk - you’d hope the advice they give is tried and tested. Unless they’re selling something then bigger pinches of salt are needed!

Plus who doesn’t like looking at pictures of half naked dudes online?! (I’m sure I’m supposed to put no homo here but it feels duplicitous).

fixed it for you :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Week 1 day 3 - squats

Conditioning: rowing 10 mins - 2338m

Power clean 60kg X 3 - 6 sets
Ssb squat - 60, 80, 100, 120, 130, 140kg X 5
Ab work (o/h side bends for 2 sets gave me weird lat stretch, clearly doing it wrong and hitting ceiling so stopped) 4 sets planks
Burpees X 5 X 6 sets (lack of imagination)

Pc: 60 X 3 X 3
Ssb 112.5 X 12, 10, 10
Burpees X 5 X 3

Emom sumo deads: 80kg + single red band X 3 - 10 mins

That was unpleasant. On the clock to best of ability - still needed longer rest times, might take a couple of weeks to get those down (about 1.5 hours for the lifting portion, my conditioning sucks!) Makes me realise how lazy my normal lifting is.

My lats aren’t feeling great, must have got that oh side bend thing really far wrong, only used a 8kg ez bar, hopefully that’s not an issue for tomorrow, got OHP and weighted chins to look forward to!

Need to get away from planks I blatantly kidding myself and slacking on them. I would have ab rolled but still sore from Wednesday so thought I’d go obliques, was tempted by band twisty things but they also looked like conditioning which I didn’t fancy adding alongside my actual conditioning portion.

Gratuitous leg pump selfie:


Pwo snack Chorizo, ham and chocolate covered Turkish delight #nutritionalguru ebook coming soon.

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I was about to compliment you on your relatively healthy choice, then…

At least you don’t use butter as pre workout :sweat_smile:

I also used the chocolate preworkout as well. It’s ok in following up with fish fingers hash browns and mushy peas (one green thing!)

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