Add-on to TRT which won't show up in bloods


This is my first posting here. I’m looking for feedback.

I’ve been on TRT for two years now and I’ve just switched from the gel to injections. I’m currently prescribed 100mg/week of cypionate and 25mg/week of exemestane by my clinic. I divide both into two doses a week. My bloods are good although my HDL is a little on the low side.

My TRT clinic say they will put me in the 600-800ng/dl normal range but claim they can’t go higher in Canada. I have no idea how people on here get prescribed 250+mg as “TRT,” but that’s clearly not happening.

I’m 47 years old, in good health, and have been working out for three years. I’m 6’2" and 220lbs. with fairly solid body composition. My bench/squat/dead is 260/390/430.

I’m looking for an add-on to the TRT which won’t show up on my blood tests every three months when I do my check-ups. I don’t want them to lower the dose or release me. I’m entertaining three options and would appreciate any feedback:

  1. taking more test for 4-6 weeks before returning to TRT dose. 250 seems not worth the bother and I’ve heard T400 (mixed ester) is dodgy. Perhaps 500mg of cyp for 4-6 weeks? Will that return my bloods to baseline for a blood test after three months? Would 25mg of exemestane be enough to control the oestrogen?

  2. adding 50mg/week of deca seems ideal and would help my joints (which are often achy but not painful). However, I understand it is slow to get acting and slow to leave the system, so not ideal to blast for short term in my case. Unless, of course, I just put 50/week in there permanently and just fess up to the doc that that is what I’m doing, but I don’t know how they take that.

  3. dbol in a moderate dose for 4-6 weeks. I understand that it acts quickly and leaves the system quickly. Would my prescribed exemestane be enough to cope with the aromatizing effects? I would take something for the liver toxicity.

I’m looking for feedback on a dose which would help with strength and size with minimal health consequence. I just want a little something extra. I don’t compete in anything or have dreams of being shredded for a magazine shoot. LOL. I certainly would entertain other suggestions.

I would use prop if your gonna do this. As far as the AI you will have to experiment to see.

Again, use NPP. Deca takes time to build up and leave the system. It will show as a very high test on bloods.

Tbol would be better as it doesn’t aromatize. Would def use an organ support product or two

Dbol, Tbol, Anadrol, Anavar, probably all fine for 6 weeks or so, and you could do many of these cycles between blood work throughout the year. Stop 2 weeks before labs.

Thanks guys. Orals seem an easy way to go (with liver support). I am considering those.

Just a question, though. I see that proprionate is supposedly painful and done every other day, not to mention 50% more expensive. I was looking at graphs of the half-life of test cyp and deca. If I did 250mg/week test cyp and 75mg/week of deca and I did that for eight weeks and then just went to my prescribed 100mg/week cyp for the final four weeks before my blood test, would evidence of my cycle clear in time? Or are there complexities I am not understanding about how these hormones are absorbed and clear the system?

IMO none of what you’re suggesting will provide anything meaningful. It takes time to build lasting muscle.


Is your clinic doing an actual ped test(labcorp has them)?

How do you mean something that won’t show up on a test?
Do you mean that will impact things that are already testing, ie like prolactin, or estrogen, etc?

Just trying to understand the context.

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Not a drug test - just the usual blood levels. I just don’t want my testosterone to be sky-high and they dial back my regular TRT dose.

It would also be good to know what all my baseline markers are on TRT (my maintenance dose) without any add-ons.

Is this idea of doing a quick blast and then cruising on TRT from appointment-to-appointment not a common one?

It is common. Not always worth it because of blood testing. Just go UGL and run a cycle.

yes but most people don’t do bloodwork every three months. Its usually 6 months after your initial dial in. Once you get spaced out to 6 months you have time to properly blast/cycle between labs.

Yeah, I get it. It’s not ideal. Most cycles seem longer than what I’m confined to.

However, given the confines of my current system, is the consensus to do orals, such as t-bol? I’m a little concerned about the liver toxicity of orals (I’m not a young’un, anymore) and, after all, it is summertime and I might want to enjoy a beer or two. I would use UDCA and milk thistle. Should I use t-bol for four or six weeks? Will I get any indications of my liver being too stressed, like urine becoming dark?

You would want to get a metabolic panel at quest. You can order the test yourself for $40. 0 need to guess and you don’t have to go through your insurance and Primary Doctor.

I would use TUDCA and NAC for organ protection

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A six week round of orals starting right after your labs would be the best way to give something a go without screwing up your next lab work. Dbol or Tbol are probably your best options.

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