59 Years Old/Young, Just Started Working Out

These are more important qualifications than a piece of paper. Personal trainers are often totally worthless.


If it’s working, don’t fix it!

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Read a bunch of Dan John articles, loads of time tested advice and perspective…

So he’s more qualified that most ‘trainers’. Good call to trust him.

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Sounds like you’ve got someone good to trust, dude. You’re definitely in a different situation than most of the beginners who come on here. Best of luck, and make a training log here if you want!


The community here is pretty awesome both from a comraderie point of view and the sheer experience and knowledge on this site.

Hi Dave,

First off welcome back to the gym, and congrats on the big weight loss. 20lbs is legit.

I’ll offer my two cents on what you’re doing currently as it relates to your goals. I believe keto is a very effective diet approach for fat loss, but in my experience my weight loss tended to plateau after a while and I also started to lose some “oomph” in the gym. If I may, I’d like to offer a variation that worked well for me.

I’ve had great luck with 3 days of keto, then 1 day with carbs. This approach helps me avoid any weight loss plateaus, and I can actually ‘feel’ my thyroid kicking back online once I re-introduce the carbs after those 3 days. A moderate amount of carbs with breakfast after 3 days of keto has me sweating like someone turned up the heat in the room! It’s great. Plus I feel stronger and more explosive in the gym, and I don’t suck down and get all flat-looking. I’ve done the straight keto approach for months at a time, and at least for me, it was not as effective as the 3-1 approach.

I weigh and measure all my food so I know how many grams of protein, fat, and carbohydrates I eat at each meal. I’m not sure how anal you are about these things, but assuming you’re not, I’d say a simple approach to implementing this (should you choose to, of course) is to include a moderate amount of carbs at each meal in place of whatever added fats you’re doing (for the one carb-heavy day). So have a cup of oats with some egg whites for breakfast instead of whole eggs, bacon, and cheese. Or a medium-size baked potato with your chicken instead of the heavy cream. I’ll warn you, the food will taste super dry after having eaten rich, high fat foods for a few months, but in my opinion it’s worth it.

Thanks for the advice. Truth revealed, I’m losing mostly water right now. Total loss 22 lbs as of right now. Not sure how much of that is fat burn, but I’ve been hitting the gym pretty hard, multiple days without rest inbetween. I’m changing that up and taking more rest days in between sessions. I still plan to do at least 4 days a week. I’ll probably do cardio on the off days. I’ve been doing cardio on top of the sessions, don’t want to get burned out. As far as diet, we’ve been doing mostly Whole 30 and basically looking for recipes that are keto, paleo, and whole 30. As big as I am, anything is a help. I mostly stay away from carbs and sugar, once my weight starts to plateau, I’ll take my intake a bit more seriously and stick to a specific plan. Ideal weight will be around 200-220. Just want to get back into my ol’ 501 jeans again. Thanks for all the support and good words, it helps.

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Great job! I too am 59 and am getting back to the gym myself albeit sporadically. I am sick-and-tired of being sick-and-tired, so I went back to the best doctor I know and a lot of tests showed my exposure to Lyme and some other nasty crap. So right now I got to get the bugs killed before I get back to the gym. Keep up the good work!