3rd Cycle with Test Prop, Tren Ace

im 35 y/o…6ft and 215 lbs. usually use nolva in my past pct. haven’t cycled in almost 2 years due to auto accident. plan on 8 week cycle. weeks 1-8 tren ace 100mg eod. weeks 1-8 test prop100 @ 100mg eod. winstrol 40mg daily weeks 3-8. .just in case…aromasin 25 mg, arimidex 1mg, proviron 25mg, cabaser 1mg. also some premixed 10000 iu hcg which is the first for me. is all on hand. Clomid is otw. just wandering which would be the best combination of these meds.always been a little cautious but need a very good pct. you guys are very knowledgeable and your opinions and advice would be appreciated