300mg Test E Weekly ( Sides )

Started my first cycle of Test E 300mg weekly.
Before cycle my blood result :
Testosterone 16.4nmol/l norm:8-30 nmol/l
SHBG 24 nmol/l norm: 14-71
Free androgen index : 66.9€ norm: 20-81%
Prolactine: 602 mlU/l norm: 73-407mlU/l
Ostrogen : 88 pmol/l norm 161pmol/l
FSH: 3.8 IU/l
LH: 3.97 IU/l

Until 3 injections i felt very good. after 4 starting to feel sides.
Mood swings, erections soft, oily skin and today hot feeling around nips.
Took bloodwork:
Test: 85.0 nmol/l
SHBG: 20 nmol/l
Free androgen index: 418.5%
Prolactine: 963 mlU/I
Ostrogen: 367.0 pmol/l
FSH: 0.2
LH: 0.14

Question is regarding armidex . I have 1mg tabs, should i start 0.5mg E3D and take new test after 2 weeks ? Or is it too much ? Regarding prolactine and nips should i take something more ? I have also HCG and nolvadex on hand, probably could get dostinex also.

I assume that normal is <161 pmol/l?

So you are a bit over double the top of the range. Not terrible IMO. I was about double the top of the range on my last blast, but I was on a lot more Test (875 mg/wk).

It sounds like you are doing all 300 mg at once, right? If so splitting up the dose into two shots can help lower E2. I would also start adex at 0.25 mg if I was going to use it (E3D is a good starting point for frequency). You may get enough of a reduction in E2 from 0.25 mg to not have the sides you are experiencing. That should be your goal, to lower it just enough to not have side effects.

The prolactin is also a bit high. I would leave that alone for now, and only mess with E2. If you play around with too many things at once, it is hard to learn anything about yourself, and what the actual issue is. If you don’t get symptom resolution lowering E2, maybe think about trying P5P for prolactin, but don’t do that now.

< 161 pmol/l is the max norm yes.
Looking my precycle bloods, its 4x higher than my normal.
Ofcourse its kinda hard to split the 1mg tab, but i will try. P5P is vitamine B6 right ?
I am injecting 150mg Monday and 150m Thursday.
I was also thinking taking hcg during cycle so that when i come off and pct my hormones wont go crazy. The problem is i have 5000iu hcg and 1ml bac , so it makes 0.1ml 500iu. Does it make difference to use 500iu weekly one shot ? My initial plan was to use 250iu e3d

Your Test is also at least 4X higher. It seems that for many guys as long as Test is high E2 can be high as well, just how high is the question. Your E2 is about what mine was, but my Test was much higher, so perhaps you need a bit less E2 than you have currently?

The active form of B-6, yes. It has impacts on Dopamine. I am not an expert on it, but Dopamine has impacts to Prolactin. It can be used to lower Prolactin and works for a lot of guys. Check out this thread. Towards the end, they discuss P5P. As I said, I wouldn’t start it with the Adex. See if that helps first. If all good, don’t change anything.

Are they circular tabs? If so, I use a pill cutter to quarter mine. It does kinda suck, but you only take one every 3 days, so if you quarter a pill, that lasts you almost two weeks.

HCG makes E2 management harder. I would only use it between the cycle and the PCT. If you wait 3 weeks from the end of the cycle to the PCT, I think that is enough time for the HCG to have a pretty good impact.

Can you get more Bac water? That is just a really small amount of fluid for that amount of HCG. I would think 5 mL of Bac water for 5000 iu.

It has a half life of about 30 hours. Once a week is not going to be very close to optimal. EOD is what I would do, or perhaps M,W,F. If I was doing it in the time between the cycle and the PCT, I would do like 500 EOD, to really bring the size of my balls back. What I would do, not necessarily what you should do. Don’t want to come off as giving more than what I would do, or as medical advice.

Yes, thats exactly my thinking.
People want 10 times the test but they lose their shit because of 2 times the e2…
The only thing that matters are sides…
Sore or puffy nips if prone to that are also not a horrible side. Unless you start to feel actual growth there, there is no need to panic.

Wouldnt this also spike the e2?

No its not. Just buy a good knife.
My Adex tabs are tiny but i have always been splitting them in 4… each part is so small, if i exhale too much, some of them just vanish…
All you need is a good knife and some practice.
Sometimes when im not careful i get like 2-3 good parts and some powder, so i just lick it off the table and count it as a dose i have taken, and save the good parts for other days, lol.

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Get yourself one of these man.


I can get pretty even splits for halving. Quartering isn’t as easy, but I get pretty even quarters with one of these. Only a couple bucks.


I’m surprised good these things work, even on tiny pills. I get my little AI pills into 1/4 pretty easily. Telmisartan quarters easily too, but the pills are harder packed. This thing has been a game changer

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Big thanks for your answers. I do not expect high test with low sides, i am just trying to start from right place as this is my first. It took 2 hours and some beer to make my first injection LOL. That gives you idea why I i panic a bit :smiley:
So i guess 0.25mg E3D and new blood after 1-2 weeks.

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I would wait a full two week, adex works pretty fast, but you want to be fairly stable on your new routine.

Just took my first 0.25mg ish pill. With pill cutter it was still kinda struggle. Next pill on friday

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Just for information. Already next day i felt alot better.

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Right now it seems that 1 day before i need to take 0.25mg armidex, i feel tired, lack of motivation, empty … But after i take it hours later it seems fine until next time.

Got my todays bloodwork back.
Have been taking 0.25mg adex E3D sometimes from my splitting i think even more.
Test: 91.8 nmol/l 8 - 30 nmol/l
SHBG: 18 nmol/l 14 - 71 nmol/l
Adnrogen index : 496.4 % 20 - 81 %
Prolactin: 662 mIU/l 73 - 407 mIU/l
Estrogen: <88.0 pmol/l < 161 pmol/l

So from the tests it seems i should continue 0.25mg E3D ? I feel also ok, maybe sometimes a bit tired.
As far prolactin, it was higher than normal before cycle also, should i try p5p ? Will i feel better with lower ?

I’d dial that back and let e2 get to top of range considering your TT. Yes try P5P

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I agree with you depending on what this means:

If he is saying 88.0 and it is supposed to be under 161, completely agree (my labs are in different units, so not sure).

At the minimum trying .25 mg of adex E5D or once a week would likely be a good move.

With Test so high, I think being towards the top of the range or above it should be just fine.

161 pmol/l is max normal range. I have 88, same as without gear.
I would like to educate myself. If adex halflife is 24-30hr wouldnt e5d cause my estrogen to go up and down like rollercoaster?

Some European (or at least non-US) labs give the e2 range as <161pmol without offering a low end. He’s about normal range for someone with normal TT, but not for whatever 85nmol TT is

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Have been taking 0.25mg E5D and i would say my feeling is worse comapred to E3D. Got some extra pimples ( would not say acne, because i had some before also ), in the mornings feeling tired, weights seem somewhat too heavy, quite oily skin. Havent done bloods on E5D. I think i will try E4D and add 40mg daily of P5P.

So in past 4 days my testicles and lower abdomen( bladder ) ? Started hurting . I have read that some people on trt have had same symptoms. Is this true ?

Sure? Ball ache for sure as your nuts start to atrophy, not sure about lower ab pain tho, that sounds like a unique issue that may not be related to your AAS use