Workout question

I’m doing the “big bad bench” workout by dave tate… and today… it didnt feel like i got a good workout… i did everything right… but does it matter if you can feel it sometimes? cuz im not sore at all.

you probqably won’t “feel” the westside type workouts as you would a normal workout because the volume is kept low so you can work at a higher intensity. there is also a lot more focus on the triceps as opposed to the chest. when i was doing some westside training a while back i couldn’t really feel anything in my chest. have faith in the program though. just because you can’t feel it doesn’t mean you won’t get stronger. dave tate is an expert when it comes to maximal strength. i went to a seminar of his a couple months ago and was truely amazed with the amount of knowledge the guy has on everything related to working out.

Remember, it’s meant to boost your bench, not make you (necessarily) sore, though it might. Keep it up for a while though, and then go back to normal bodybuilding type training.

I did the Big bad bench workout today too, and my tri’s got more sore than they have been in a long time, I haven’t done that much volume for them lately, been trying to catch everything up, because they grew faster than anything. I’d stick with it though, you can’t argue with westside results.