Why Would You Watch Fox News Now?

Asking the obvious, discuss, I’m interested to see where this goes. (Dipping my toes into the political side here for the 1st time)

Because watching the rainbow brigade lecture me from an assumed position of superiority is irritating.

If Im going to be told what to think and how to feel I want it from people I find visually palatable.


I like watching them complain about everything and calling things woke. In fact, I find the word ‘woke’ pretty funny. I’ll jokingly complain about something sometimes and use it ironically.

I watch Shannon Bream cause shes hot

I watch the 5 because i like seeing gutfeld humiliate geraldo

I watch gutfeld because sometimes its hilarious

anything else on fox sucks

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Isn’t that what wives are for?

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Only for the husbands, not the plumbers or the pool boys, lol

Well, yeah! Who’s idea do you think it was to put it on?

Not mine. I stick to nature documentaries, South Park and porn.

"Here we find the leptiodus of the oligocene epoch.

And here comes Johnny Hangdown to make it regret its poor life decisions…".

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Why would you watch any of the MSM?


FOX is a mirror image of CNN. they both are trash, and they both are designed to push the Hegelian dialectic

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A settlement is basically avoiding a fight because it could be more costly to win the fight. Especially if you draw national sovereignty and security in to the mix.

The allegation is that Fox pushed fake news about dominion machine vulnerabilities and the company behind the machines sued for slander, as there was no legal proof yet during the discussions.

This doesn’t necessarily mean there weren’t hacks or manipulations, it’s just a side course to the news presenting the story of possibility, which was not originated by or unique to Fox.

So on one hand, you have a news network discussing current events and potential newsworthy discoveries, on the other you have a company at the center of it all claiming slander and defamation and whatever else. This doesn’t necessarily make fox wrong, or even bad journalistically.

It’s a far cry from the literal fake news created just for the purpose of swaying public opinion dishonestly at other outlets in the recent past, such as WaPo or CNN, who were not only sued but faced legal sanctioning and rolled execs over it.

Not that any MSM channel is an absolute sort of truth, but Fox got caught up in an obfuscated grey area, not an intentional lie.


I guess we now know Rupert’s screen name.

I dont really watch any news source, but if i were interested in a story thats ONLY covered by MSM, i would rather watch it from Fox.

CNN is biased left, Fox is biased right, MSNBC is straight racist propaganda, so who do you choose when watching a story?
Answer: the side that doesn’t call me racist because I was born white.


HBO, Netflix, Hulu, etc.

Just be careful not to lose objectivity while fighting the system.

You’ve already lost if you do.

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Why do always mention the fact that you’re white every second?

No one is out to get you.


No one? White Fragility wasn’t a best seller for no reason. The whole premise of that book, and the workplace seminars led by the author and those like her, is that if a white person does not suffer from white guilt or worse, blatantly resists the notion, their reaction is a manifestation of white fragility and they need to be re-educated. Anti racism is a form of thought control.


Hmm, interesting I think I’ll read that book

At least you have a choice; some (white) people didn’t.

I’m too lazy to read so I watched this video summarizing the book.

To me, in terms of self-awareness it sounds like the book has some pretty useful information in it.

Hopefully, the full book doesn’t include a How to guide on feeling bad for slavery LOL.

Give it a watch dude

You’re not paying attention.

BIPOC = not white

Why is it okay to support BIPOC owned businesses?