When to Worry about Estrogen Levels?

Interesting read.

I’ve gone to slightly lower frequency but same total amount of T recently and am needing smaller amounts of a.i. to feel the same as i did before.

I take 250mg across 12 days. Was doing this with 4 injections before e3d

I’m now on e4d with the same total amount of t (its a sutanon vial).

Basically doing 1/3 x 3. Instead of 1/4 x 4. Across 12 days so a whole vial across 12 days regardless.

Anyway- I’m finding i need approximately half the a.i i was using before to be stable.

Interesting as I assumed I’d need more a.i. for the infrequent dosing based on a lot of what I had read on here.

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These symptoms disappear after a while on TRT. The body is going through changes for a few months when men start TRT.

Hit the gym / stay fit / burn fat and put on muscle. Also eat and sleep right… you’ll notice the benefits. without these, you will have slower progress.

Thanks for the reply. Yes, doing those things and will continue them. Thanks again for the nice reply.

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Would you say that guys who ran higher doses of steroids for several years would also feel better at higher levels, even if they were low or lower end of range when they started out?

No. I do not think they expect to feel like they did when they were on PED levels. I have noticed they are more likely to take once weekly injections and much less likely to experience fluctuation symptoms or other side effects. Former bodybuilders, they are more concerned with estradiol. Weightlifters, powerlifters, football players, not so much.

I get what you mean. I was just wondering if these guys were doing well around 500 total t numbers or if guys with a history of steroid use from any sport were feeling better at over 1000 for total t.

They’re fine at that level. Really fine. It does seem that guys who ran cycles of 500-1000mg test, plus whatever else they stacked, would hardly be OK with 150-200mg a week testosterone. They do get a lot out of it though, pretty high free testosterone levels, levels that might take 400mg for others. Their SHBG tends to be low, years of off and on heavy androgen use I suppose.

Guys that start TRT with a total testosterone level of 500 will feel better at 1000, or over.

I’m sorry if I’m not reading this correctly, but are you saying that guys with a heavy cycle history will not find 150-200mg a week sufficient for TRT? Or that over 1000ng/dl is totally fine for them?nd

My fault, I mean one would think guys who used 500-1000mg a week would not be fine with 150-200mg, but they are. A total testosterone level of 1000ng/dL is also fine.

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I did 10 years of AAS before going on TRT and feel good with TT 800-1100ng/dL. I once let my TT go down to 500ng/dL as an experiment and felt ok; not great, but not horrible either. So I don’t think that matters for how they would respond to TRT

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Thanks - whats your shbg at normally?