What Gives!!

Merry Xmas, Guys and Gals. I do have a problem concenring my BB Bench Press. My arms are in T-form when benching. It takes the emphasise off from pecs to front delts. I don’t have the problem in DB’s, however it not the as BB. What should I do? Streching? Thanks.

I used to bench like that all the time (elbows out). But it has contributed to some major shoulder pain and problems. After receiving PT and massage therapy, I switched to keeping my elbows in. The best way to do this is to start benching with a lighter weight and practicing keeping your elbows tucked by your sides. It also helped me by doing close-grip benches and then switching to a narrower grip when doing normal barbell benches. It took a while for my body to remember to keep the elbows in, but now, I have no problem.

And you can really feel it in your chest, Nate?

No, it won’t be felt as much in the chest, but is still efective. I used to bench with my elbows out, but when the weights started to get heavy, the sore shoulders also came into play. Over the long term, this can lead to trouble.

I still get a chest pump doing it like this, but not quite the same as with elbows out. I get a good pump when using heavy weight and low reps. For some reason, with the narrower grip and elbows in, I need heavier weight to feel it in the chest. If I really want a chest pump, I do a few sets of flyes and pushups.