What Can I Do to Normalize My Blood Levels?

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Hey guys. I havent used anything in many years and Ive been experiencing high E/low T issues such as a bit of puffy nips/gyno, no sex drive, ED issues, fatigue, etc.

Is there anything I can do? Or am I stuck given my levels are within ‘reference ranges’

Total Test 14.8 nmol/L (up from 10.8 a month ago) ref 8.4 - 28.8
Free Test 342 pmol/L ref 196-636 (calculated method)
FSH 1 IU/L ref 2 - 8
LH 3 IU/L ref 2 - 6
Estradiol 130 pmol/L ref < 150
Prolactin 15 ug/L ref 2 - 18
SHGB 26.6 nmol/L ref 10.0 - 70.0[/quote]

well, your estradiol and prolactin are both a little high. both can suppress testosterone production a bit.

you might want to get a dopamine agonist (caber, prami, etc) and get your prolactin lower and adjust from there.

your estrogen isn’t crazy high, but might be better to get it down a bit (optimal range is 73-110 pmol/ml, or 20-30 pg/ml)…

also, make sure you’re getting enough vitamin D and ZMA. both of those can cause low t if you’re deficient…

below are a couple links on gyno and PCT info:

Thanks for your post. I will give those links a read through shortly.

So caber for prolactin. I was thinking the same.

In regards to E2, how can i lower this? Everything I have read indicates that permanently reducing your estrogen levels cannot be done unless you are permanently taking something.

I started taking Vitamin D a little before that test, and started taking ZMA recently before bed. Hoping those help as well.

Thanks again.[/quote]

well, i think the permanence of the estrogen control depends on the factors that are causing it to be high(ish).

if you’re carrying some extra bodyfat, and you lose that, then you might be fine. same if you are low in D or zinc. they are both important in regulating estrogen metabolism, so if they get caught up, you might not need a long term AI.

if you drink a lot, then you could easily mitigate estrogen by reducing or eliminating that.

the more easy fix would be to introduce an AI, and lower you E2 to a more favorable level. while that might not seem sustainable, if it allows you to exercise more and brings you testosterone to a more reasonable level, then it may very well be…

btw, what’s your age, body comp, etc?[/quote]

Good info. Ive been trying really hard to improve things like diet (more veggies like sprouts and broccoli, more fats, more red meats, nuts, etc.). Vitamin D was probably low for many years (was tested a long time ago as low), so Ive been rolling with 2-3000iu of D3/day. Zinc intake was likely low due to not eating high zinc foods in my diet. I dont drink very often (once or twice a month) and when I do its a beer or two (no binge). Im 28 years old, about 11% bodyfat. Lift regularly (4-5 times per week) some cardio here and there. Generally stress free and happy life. I get 7.5-8h of sleep per night.

Do you think I should try some aromasin + caber combo? Any idea on aromasin dosage? I would imagine pretty minimal?[/quote]

hmm… odd that you’d have that bloodwork with your lifestyle factors.

yeah, you could run 12.5 mg EOD of aromasin and see how that works for ya…