Westside eating

I think some one posted a question like this before asking about what westside lifters eat, but no one really answered. the only reply i remeber was that one of the lifters was 270 and he wanted to get down to 220 so he ate alot of mcdonalds and he now lifts at 220. I was also wondering what they eat, eating alot of mcdonalds sounds liea good diet to me;. Does anyone know what they eat i would also like to know.

I know that Louie always eats at the Cracker Barrel before or aftewr a workout.

It’s pretty simple…if you want to get stronger eat more. It seems to work for Westside. Halbert, to get down to 198, just cut carbs from his diet during the week. I believe this is what he did to get his weight down.

westsders dont eat anything special the thing abut westside that makes it special is you make it to work for you. you can tailor he workmouts and principals and even your diet to your goals.i bastardize my west coast periodization with westside techniques and it works wonders.

my opinion which really isnt very sophisticated, eat protein constantly and restrict your carbs. More eloquently, if its dead - eat it. In faith, Coach Davies