Using Exemestane on My Cycle?

I will be starting a cycle liek this

1 - 20 Test E 500mg/wk
1 - 15 Deca at 400mg/wk
1 - 15 EQ at 600mg/wk

I have a bottle of exemestane onhand becuase I picked some up last year to mess around with. My question would be any good way to use it on this cycle… will be following prisoners taper at the end. I did get a little bit of gyno after the last cycle but I think its cleared up with soem agressive letro treatment. that was last year summer though.

Originally I was going to use letro throught the cycle but I felt is shut my labido down bad.

I am fixed so I dont care about kids… I would stay on indeffinate if I could afford it… with some hgh. Mind you Im will be 38 soon.

Do you generally run your cycles for this long?

I have run cycles as long as 4months… Thought I would try eq… and run it a little longer

Why do you ask?

I think a 20 week cycle is a terrible idea. You are much better off doing 2 8-10 week cycle; possibly with a bridge inbetween if you think you need the assistance during the “off” time.

20 weeks is excessive.

Especially 20 weeks of deca.

You should run the test after discontinuing the deca, it remains in the body for a long time.

I would shoot myself if I had to recover from your proposed cycle.

fuck recovery!!!

[quote] Brook wrote:
fuck recovery!!![/quote]

I sure as hell would if I could.

Unfortunately I dont have kids yet, so I gotta get that over with first.