Update: Got to 200lbs with 5/3/1, time to cut

SO I might just start a new thread not really sure yet.

Right now I am on the 3rd week of cycle 2 in 5/3/1. My strength has still gone up in deadlifts and shoulders, but my bench has been stalled and I am now doing box squats so I backed of the weight a bit when I started the other week.
Right now numbers are
Weight = 200lbs

Deadlift = 390x1
Military = 145x3
Bench = 240x1
Box Squat= 245x5

Squats havent gone really anywhere due to hurting my leg a few times but they have still been growing. I have gotten really close to most of my goals and from my first post I have gained 20lbs and strength has improved a good bit

This week so far after my deload week I have set 2 new PRs

standing Military - 135x6
Deadlift - 335x7

So far looks like its gunna be a great week

Bench today
Work Sets

Box Squats Today
Work Sets

5x245 = 10 reps

Leg Press

Leg Curls

Calf Raises

So I’m starting my diet tomorrow after bulking up from November at around 180, I am going to keep it basic with high protein low carbs and fats with carb cycling. I will tweak it as I go, since last time I dieted down I lost a lot of muscle by trying to go to fast. Any advice on still using 5/3/1 or is it to much volume?

Heres what I accomplished in the last 6 months.

Weight- 180 to 203 lbs today

Deadlifts - 330x1 to 415x1

Bench - 220x1 - 240x1

Military - 125x5 - 150x3

Squat - 270x2 - 275x5

Deadlifts went up the most, and I would have liked to get more out of my bench and squat but I still have a ways to go. I will try to upload some pictures later today.

Keep up the good work! Your doing well.

So I started my diet last Wednesday, and so far so good. I have been following the T-dawg diet, nothing to extreme. Around 70 grams of carbs on non training days, 100 on training. My workouts this week all went well, didnt feel tired or anything.

This past week #s

Deads - 7x340
Bench - 5x215
Squats - 6x255
Milit - 3x150

Not bad besides squats, was shooting for 7-8, hopefully just a bad bay since I just want to make sure I dont loose any strength if possible

This weeks #s

Deads - 5x360
Bench - 3x225
Squats- 6x270 - went for a 7th and had to dump the weight