I have been doing Arnolds workout from his encyclopiedia but it takes to long Im looking for something that will take about an hour any ideas. Im look for a six day workout

OMG! Have you even read the articles on here. There are about a trillion training programs.

Since you are looking to overtrain, I suggest that you read Flex.

Dude, if you’re not juicing, you shouldn’t even be attempting the programs in Arnold’s encyclopedia for more than two or three weeks. And then you shouldn’t do it again until you’ve recovered for an equal amount of time using a normal-human weight training program.

I would recommend the “secret” Bulgarian training. Six days a week! Twice a day! Even three times a day if you want!! Every body part every other day–sometimes every day! Overtraining is a myth!! Not that I ever did this, I, uhh, just heard about people who did . . . In all seriousness read the Ian King cheat sheets. Come to think of it, read anything by Ian King.