Top 3 Supplements

So, what is everyone’s top 3 supplements they’ve ever used? Don’t name any brands, just the type or genre of the supplement.

Obviously creatine is still No1 Gained 5kg in 7 days water weight but my pumps were great ,had to pull the car over when driving home because my biceps were to pumped to turn the wheel .Next would have to be a stack of creatine glutamine and vanadyl . 3rd place would go to the neuros tyrosine ect and epherdrine .

  1. Protein/Aminos(glutamine, BCAAs, etc.)

  2. Creatine & Ribose

  3. Stimulants!

    I use great quantities of them all! Especially the stimulants (unfortunately).

MRPs, creatine/ribose with simple carbs, EC stack.

Ok, here it goes: milk & egg protein/maltodextrin, sodium bicarbonate/creatine, caffeine/yohimbine hcl.