Think Tank: Degrees and Such.

First, I need to say that Eric Cressey, despite all his education, apparently can’t do math, as Dr. B pointed out.

Second, to add my two cents, I ended up practicing in an area of law that I did not even know existed until I graduated from law school.

With all due respect to our resident Ph.Ds., some of the “dumbest” people I’ve met had Ph.Ds. Sure, they obviously knew a great deal within their field, but get them to talk about something outside of their field and they were like a deer in headlights. I suppose they weren’t so much “dumb” as the weren’t well rounded.

Some of the more intelligent people I’ve met never bothered to go to college.

But Dr. L has a good point - you think certain professionals are clueless now, imagine what they would be like without the education.

If degrees and certs actually mean something, the CSCS trainer wannabes at the gym would do more than talk on the cell phone.

There is only one way to see this. Under the Bar knowledge is far superior to any piece of paper.