The State of "TRT" Clinics Today (?)

So I was browsing “TRT” clinic options down in that wonderful area where there’s so many options. It’s like “TRT” paradise there. I came across this “clinic” and marveled at the following two offers:

The offer gives you access to an “Aromatize” inhibitor which is also referred to as “Armidex” in another spot on the site and also as an Estrogen blocker. For those guys that use this clinic, are you actually getting Anastrozole aka Arimidex, or is this some other special AI?


Genuinely curious when guys see these types of listings, does it make you suspicious/worried/concerned about who’s providing the medication and their qualifications? Their seems to be this blurry line emerging on what’s getting Rx’ed at clinics that I’m curious about.

If I go to the trouble of going to a medical provider I expect that what I am getting Rx’ed is Pharma grade API either via compounding pharmacy or the traditional pharma company route. Is the above a spelling error or purposefully termed knock off product?

You’ll likely just get a script and very little advice.

There’s also this gem:

Wow, sucks to be this guy! ??

More reasonable summary here with the measurable drop in mean TT levels over last 25 years?



It is also deceptive, because they are not including blood work, which is a big cost in relation to the total. 2 sets of complete TRT labs with thyroid included were like $800 total. Add that in, and you are at $2k per year, or what many of the clinics are charging.

These guys are starting to grow on me. From the FAQ, reassuring:

I don’t think my in-network PCP and I have had this frank conversation.

Not complete but not a bad price through Labcorp:


You won’t be validating the free hormone hypothesis, but so far the pricing seems pretty low for the TRT-interested dude.

We should set up our own TRT clinic review channel on Youtube.

While offering TRT lol.

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Yeah, $1500-2000 per year for the first year seems pretty much par for the course with these outfits. Funny thing is after you’ve done this for a few years it’s really only maybe $400-500 per year with 1 or 2 visits and the cheap TC. Still more expensive that DIY. But by then you are on to all the more expensive supplements to TRT.

For me at least, the labs (they were testing more than needed IMO) were the largest individual expense. Second year was panning out to be close to $2k. I was also on T3 and micro dose AI (wasn’t taking the latter). The AI and T3 were the same price for all doses offered. I decided the only real advantages were legal, and some assurance of product quality. I decided to go self administer.

Now this caught my eye:

Only $227 (387-160) for 180 IU of pharma grade HGH? That’s 60 mg of humatrope equivalent by my math (3 IU per mg). What do you HGH gurus out there make of this? @studhammer / @blshaw ?

Or is this the 191AA research chemical?

Humatrope looks about ~$800 per 6 mg with GoodRx discount. Pricey. I think studhammer mentioned much lower $ per IU over at his thread…

It is $227/month, but they are selling 180iu which needs to last you almost 3 months (12 weeks). So you are paying 12 [weeks] / 4.3 [weeks/months] * 227 [dollars/months] = $633 for 180 iu. That is still over 2 iu a day for $227/month. If pharma grade, that is pretty damn good.

I am not quite sure how their pricing works TBH. Maybe I am missing something? Do they send you out this stuff every 12 weeks for HGH, and every 10 weeks for TRT supplies? Do you get to use all 180 iu in 12 weeks?, or is it supposed to last 3 months? I assume the former, but also 3 months works out to almost exactly 2 iu/day.

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Is this from Viking Alternative by chance?

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Thank you. Good catch! I really appreciate your use of 4.33 weeks per month. Unforgivable use of units on my part. With your corrected price per IU that’s still $3.52/IU vs $44.44/IU or a discount of about 92%. Wow.

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We don’t want to name names. Just hypothetically speaking. :-).

I don’t think there are any rules about posting the name of legit clinics. Hypothetically I may be with that clinic and have been prescribed that HGH and it’s bogus. I had blood work while in it and my GH and IGF-1 were lower than when not taking it. There was a huge ordeal over the Zomactin being faked. They lost a ton of clients and some key people from the clinic. . You can find posts about it. Just trying to save you some money. I will say that everything else is fine, and they are very generous with there options.


Learned something new today. I suffer from muscle wasting and need to add Deca, Var and Drol to my anti aging protocol.


I also likely need some HGH to support recovery and a healthy lifestyle.

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This must be a brave new world since I was pretty sure that off-label Rx of HGH is a no-no:


Dude, you put the name down. I was trying to avoid that.

But yes, muscle wasting with a 600 lb deadlift is evidently a new disease. Hey, why should the Pharma companies have a monopoly on creating new diseases? !!

Anadrol with the others at a one stop shop for the win, @unreal24278 will love this.

At least guys know what’s out there.

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You mean the clinic, right? I wasn’t sure if what you posted was from the company or not? The formatting doesn’t match.

Sounds like the HGH is likely a scam.

Thanks brother. I appreciate you taking the time. Kind of a downer to have to test everything from a “legit” clinic. I guess I should really test my compounding pharmacy stuff as well.