'The He Hormone' Class Project


For my English Comp. class, I had to read an article titled “The He Hormone” by Andrew Sullivan about testosterone, masculinity, and how society affects our perception of masculinity and whatnot.

I need to lead a “class discussion/activity.” So, I need to hand out a worksheet activity of some sort to the class and then talk about the article for a bit.

The last person that went read an article on avatars, and had the class write down traits they “would be if they could.” Then, he had them say them aloud and he made a facebook profile with a picture of Chuck Norris with all of the stated characteristics for “About me;” went on to talk about how you can make avatars whatever you wants, etc.

So, anyway, what could I do for my handout thing? I have no idea what kind of worksheet I could make to start a discussion about masculinity. I can ask them to work in pairs, too.

I’d appreciate any ideas because I’m stumped.

A few ideas I had:

-Have them write down traits of what an ideal father should be. Then have them share a few and turn that into as discussion about how testosterone effects males and how society shapes our belief of what a male should be.

-List as many “masculine” personality traits as you can. And add next to each one whether its importance is enhanced by society.

These are both really iffy though, and I’m not sure how I’d make them into class discussions smoothly.

how’s the oxy treating you? Still have severe back pain?

I would say if I were going to have to give out a worksheet, I would make it simple and have the class list 10 general qualities they think are masculine on an overhead or whiteboard, then split up the class, one side responsible for the plusses and the other side the negatives that are a result of each quality. Then the class can spend 3-5 minutes debating back and forth for each quality. It would make the time fly and make it more of a class run discussion instead of you nudging it along the entire time.