Testosterone Cream

Hopefully I will get a reply from Bill or Brock or any other expert on this. How effective is the 10% testosterone cream? Cost effeciency? Gains vs. injection? Gains vs. Androsol? Your general opinions.

I don’t know the cost so I can’t comment
on the price efficiency. So far as efficiency
in amount delivered vs. amount applied, or
so far as ability to deliver a large total
amount, the cream is grossly inferior to
the Androsol technology.

I am not sure you could readily transfer
the cream to 100% isopropyl alcohol at
50 mg/mL, but if you could, and used
an Androsol sprayer, you would have a far
superior product to the testosterone cream.

You could not do it simply by adding the
cream to alcohol, because at 10% concentration,
it would take 120 grams of cream to provide
12 grams of testosterone. Yet this 12 grams
of testosterone should go into 240 mL of alcohol… obviously there is just too much
other stuff (largely water) in the cream
for this to work. Basically it would require
chemical procedures not suited to the home
to extract the T from the cream.