Test E and D-Bol Cycle

Clean up diet and lose as much body fat as possible because estrogen conversion is more likely with the more fat you carry. Aromasin/exemestane is probably the better choice over arimidex /anastrazole. Either way get lab blood work done before and after to see if what you’re doing is effective.

Also work out to allow tendons and ligaments to strengthen so they can accommodate the extra weight you will be under on cycle. You don’t want to waste gear with body parts that can’t handle the extra work you are demanding of them. You don’t want injury either.

Lift and learn as much as possible before starting. The more you lift beforehand the more confident you will be in your natural strength and it won’t be such a psychological crutch. It also won’t be as difficult to stop.

Look for hair loss and libido change. Watch size of genitals as they shrink to the size of a quarter, but remember some girls like that. So does the AAS fairy. If you lose libido rent some movies about gladiators.

I would read ALL STICKIES including the below links and copy them to word or notepad and save them on your pc in case you have questions and can’t get online or if this information is ever taken away.

Don’t forget to check your vial for rubber stopper parts or anything floating inside.