Stormblessed Training Log - Stepping It Up

I think slowing your eccentric will get you deeper. Whenever I divebomb my squats I definitely generate more force, however my body instinctively cuts it a bit higher as a protection mechanism.

Hard to see with the video but it looked a bit like your unrack is really upper body dominant, almost like you shrug/good morning it out. I’m a big fan of setting the bar, keeping my torso locked completely in place and only using my legs to unrack, then take my two steps and really settle before I hit that first rep.

Weight is flying on your reps though friend, strength not an issue at all

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That being said you’re easily hitting depth, I can see that from the mirror, so there’s really no problem. High bar squats will let you get that real deep hamstrings to calves depth but low bar there’s not really much point in going for that IMO.

I look at it this way.

High bar is superior for quad hypertrophy and should therefore be done with as much ROM as possible with good form

Low bar is superior for strength and therefore done with the ROM that affords you the greatest strength leverages


I defer to you, still learning, but . . . stretch reflex? Different than “dive bombing,” but valid, no?

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Oh 100% but I feel like if you lower slowly (not suuuuper slow) you can really milk the stretch reflex and ride it out of the hole. I’m not describing it well haha but lowering under control with the intent of finding the sweet spot if that makes sense?

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I’ll give that a shot on the lighter sets initially and get a feel for it.

I had never really thought about this. Watching the video you’re totally right though. I’ll have to see if going down a notch on the rack helps as well.

Thank you, appreciate it. Honestly those last two reps felt so slow, didn’t think I would even get another. But watching the video I probably had at least 1-2 more in me. I haven’t recorded myself much but it’s interesting to see that and where I can push more.

Thanks for the input and good conversation guys @kleinhound @The_Myth


Don’t overthink the bar speed on the descent though, at the end of the day you’ve gotta do what works for you and your leverages. No real hard and fast rule

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In the office today so got in a lot of walking (3-4 miles) before eating anything. Honestly did not handle the heat well today walking around NYC in a suit. Definitely impacted my workout and ended up not running afterwards. Another reason why I need to start doing things in the morning. Can’t keep beating it to death in the log, just have to do it…

Wednesday 7/10/2024

Pushups / Ab Wheel x3 sets
DB Incline 60x15 60x15 60x15 / DB Row 60x15 60x15 60x15
Side Raises 15/20/25/30 lbs / Dead Hangs
DB Curls 30/35/40/25 lbs
DB Hammer Curls @ 35 x 4 sets

Finishing up the skeleton version of what 531 BBB turned into this week. With this injury nagging me on vertical movements (essentially just pull-ups/chin-ups and overhead pressing), I’ll be switching over to WS4SB just because the program is more malleable and I can make daily decisions on movements. Also like the athleticism component of the 3rd version of the program. I think this program will fit my needs well as I run more.

I’ll be making a couple changes:

  • Deadlift or a variation will be the main movement on the upper body ME days.
  • Will be replacing the unilateral movement on DE lower body days with power cleans on some days. It’s a movement I want to keep hammering
  • Not really a change but conditioning will continue on hard. Will keep in 2-3 light jogs per week just for the cardio and overall health benefits, but nothing too taxing on that steady state work. Going to push on sprints, track work, and ABCs.

Last day of BBB today. Second 3-week block I cut out the press and bench, but I am extremely happy with the progress I made on the squat and deadlift. Conditioning for the rest of the weekend then WS4SB starting up on Monday. Excited for that program.

Should be able to get a jog and a few sprints in tonight too, depending on weather.

Friday 7/12/24
531 BBB W6D2

Deadlift 325x5 365x3 405x1 455x2 (video below)
RDL 5x10 @ 225
EMOM 20 mins. Wanted to hit 30 mins but took too much time on the deadlift and had to get back to work.
ABC Complex without press – 24kg bells


that moved fast!

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@ajb5478 thank you. Felt great too until the failed rep

35 min jog, rained at the end


Saturday 7/13/2024
2.5 mile walk + 30lb vest - fasted
Wanted to get this in earlier in the AM but it was raining

2 hours of pickup basketball
I’ve read recently from Dan John and in Tactical Barbell that “play” is one of the best things and I couldn’t agree more. Doesn’t feel like a workout in the moment but it ends up being such good exercise.

Solid summer day today after the morning. Ended up at the apartment pool for a few hours as well, turned out to be very nice. Heading out to grab food with a couple friends for the evening.


First time front squatting in forever. Felt pretty good, definitely a different movement compared to low bar squats. First day on the new program and did a ton of new exercises that haven’t been in my rotation.

Will get some form of conditioning and another walk in after work. Not sure how hard the conditioning will be early this week, looking at 95-100 degrees daily with high humidity.

Monday 7/15/2024

2mi walk + 30lb vest – fasted

WS4SB3 W1D1 – ME Lower

Front Squats 95x3 135x3 155x3 185x3 205x3 225x3 245x3
Split Squats 55lb DBs 3x12 BWx20
Good Mornings 65x12 85x12 105x12
2 rounds:
Oblique Twist x20 w 15lb med ball
Leg Lifts x20
Plank for max time


Thunderstorm had me going out later than usual

Approx 50yd sprints x12. Slight incline
30 min walk


Long day at work. Did a semi fast today, only had protein powder throughout the day until dinner. Got in a ton of protein on the day. Trying out new things on the long work days in the office.

Tuesday 7/16/2024
1hr walk + 30lb vest


Wednesday 7/14/2024
WS4SB W1D2 - Repetition Upper

Incline Bench 155x8 155x8 155x8. This didn’t feel great. I think I’ll be switching to DBs on these.
BB Row 185x15 205x10 225x10 / Band Pullaparts 3x15
DB Side Raises 20x15 25x12 30x9
DB Curls 35x11 40x9 45x7 / Pushups 3x20
DB Hammer Curls 30x max / Plate grips w fingertips 25lbs each hand



8x500m row

No idea what good row times are but left it all out there on the final round.


Rowing will be pretty heavily impacted by technique and leverage but sub 2 is an awesome 500m goal, well done man :muscle:

For reference, I can barely hit sub 2 rowing 500m as my leverages and technique sucks compared to other forms of conditioning. I’ve got a tall buddy who can go sub 1:30 consistently but couldn’t run to save his life.

If you’re breathing out your ass, it’s working your conditioning :muscle: time going down is a bonus. Keep getting after it


@kleinhound good to know, thanks for the info. I was actually thinking of the impact of height while I was rowing…Specifically agree on the quote below, really just going for the stimulus here, not to break any records. My apartment building added a rower and it’ll be a good tool on those rainy or cold days when I still want to push the conditioning hard.

Thursday 7/18/2024
WS4SB W1D3 – DE Lower

Box Jumps @ 30in 6 sets x 3 jumps
Hang Power Cleans 95x8 115x5 135x3 155x3 175x1 185x1. Video below of 185. First time going heavier than like 135 on these since my rugby days. I have a lot of weight left in the tank on these as I iron out form, etc.
Lying Leg Curls 90x18 110x10 130x7
GHD Sit-ups 4xMax reps


30 minute jog
Followed up with 80-90 minute walk on the phone with a couple friends. A lot of steps today, feels good to move even if it’s easy movement.


Day off yesterday. Still got in about 12k steps to this point but had no planned lift or conditioning.

Tried some different things yesterday: fasted until 3:00pm and didn’t eat any carbs. I had eggs and leftover salmon with a scoop of protein at 3:00, then a 14oz NY Strip and zucchini for dinner. I don’t eat like this often but it felt good to fast for awhile. I am generally more of a “bodybuilding” diet kind of guy.