Steroid Newbie Cycle Planning

[quote]DoctorJekyll wrote:
or my cycle I was initially planning to go 600mg Test E / Week, Dbol 30mg / day for first 4 weeks. I since have been advised by my coach to maybe do something like Test E, Dbol, Deca & Winny for my first cycle. As FG said some people think that for your first cycle you should make the most of it because it will be your best. But others say that you should keep it simple because things may go wrong if you have a bad reaction and you wont know which compound causes the problems. What do you think about this combo for a first cycle, even with a coach with decades of experience helping me along the way.


don’t know your coach but did he recommend getting blood/lab work for a reference later? if not do so. in the event you screw your hormones up badly you will some reference to steer back to. will have a sale sometime in april making that male hormone panel about $55. you join for like $6.99 month for member price. a doctor mails or sends pdf lab order and you take it to nearest labcorp in your town.

everyone is DIFFERENT. what works for coach or many others may give you horribly high blood pressure, loss of libido, gynecomastia, make you moody or emotional, lose your hair, joint pain, insomnia, excessive night time sweats, bloat etc…

one of the golden rules of newbie cycling is to keep it simple. if you load everything in the first cycle and it goes bad, what’s your reference point to check back to, see what caused it to go bad? you threw it all in at once so you can’t.

what anti-aromatase and dosage are you planning to use? estrogen management can be a nightmare if body fat% is high.

you know how to aspirate syringe? when you aspirate you are checking to ensure that you are not in a blood vessel. if the end of the needle is in a blood vessel it will not take much pressure to draw blood. Not being able to draw back much is a good thing.

how long have all of you guys been lifting? give age, height, weight, BF% health conditions and outline of diet.

LASTLY orals are harsh on the liver. best to just add more T. and as mr.walkway has said winny is garbage.

these stickies are from the T hormone replacement forum and they a MUST READ for every doh-doh new to steroids: