Steroid Newbie Cycle Planning

[quote]aluker wrote:
Because the consensus seems to be split, I can’t decide on how to use Arimidex–on, post, or both, extending into post-cycle? I could be convinced to swap arimidex out for something else, though, if anyone has suggestions.

I was planning on running a 12 week cycle of:

Primobolin Depot
(Arimidex also throughout and after?)

Additionally, my source tell’s me I won’t need an AI, since it interferes with gains and I’ll be running Primobolin. However, I think I’d like to be on the safe side.

What would you guys recommend for a post cycle therapy with this cycle? Also, I’m open to dosage suggestions. I was thinking somewhere around 500cc’s of each/week split into 2 osages.

Any help is so appreciated.

You always us an AI such as arimidex / anastrozole or aromasin / exemestane or femara / letrozole beginning with first injection. This is to stop aromatization of testosterone to estradiol. You don’t want to develop gynecomastia. Also if you don’t use AI you may not get big benefit from testosterone because of the conversion to estrogen.

Exemestane/aromasin does not stop the body from producing estrogen, it makes it so the estrogen is unable to bind to receptors by deactivating the binding enzyme. If the estrogen cannot bind, you will not get bloated or get gynocomastia. Exemestane does not negatively affect your lipid/cholesterol profile.

Letrozole / femara has a reputation for more aggressive reduction of estrogen but also libido.

Read these and understand what happens even on hormone replacement dosages:

Then read them again.