Started TRT a Month Ago, Some Initial Side Effects. Guidance?

Hey, some of you may recall I started a thread not long ago, and since I started a TRT protocol for nibido, 250mg every three weeks with a minor loading phase. The doc prescribed in this pattern to allow for quicker blood testing and adjustment for quicker stabilisation whilst on the super long lasting undecanoate ester.

the first shot didn’t have much of an effect, totally as expected.
3 weeks later, the second shot had a dramatic impact! the following six days after I felt like a new man, completely reinvigorated, horny, romantic with my partner, a strong desire to move and my friends and family said I was suddenly walking way faster and had more pep in general (strange what people notice!) - then it basically disappeared after those six days.
So me and my doc are considering a bi-weekly dosing scheme with subq because I’m quite comfortable self-administering.

HOWEVER, some side effects have now appeared and I really wanted to ask you guys for some advice.

I have since developed some pretty wicked insomnia, however it’s really weird and unusual - it ONLY happens during the hours 12am- 4am. If I fall asleep at 10 - I wake up bolt awake at 3am, akin to receiving a massive cortisol spike. I’ve started taking 1000mg Vit C to try and blunt this response but naturally cant see anything yet

To top this off, I have now developed unilateral breast tenderness / itching, around the general area, no nipple puffiness but an asymmetrical swelling on that side. There is NO palpable breast tissue, no golf ball, no hard pea, I’ve had a few people check and there’s nothing discernible present.
I discussed this with my doc and he said he would strongly prefer to avoid using aromatase inhibitors due to recent things he’s heard and seen.

He says they could be very bad for the heart in ways we don’t know yet, and all of his patients do fine without one on TRT, so long as they get the dosing pattern correct to minimise conversion. He said that this tissue swelling is a short-term response and that it should balance out in time, akin to teenage breast swelling during puberty.

I don’t have any typical excess eostrogen symptoms as far as I know, generally my libido has dropped but not to pre-TRT levels, it’s just a typical “not dialed in” type profile. No achy joints, no moodiness.

This leaves me feeling quite anxious naturally but I know that breast tissue doesn’t develop overnight and that I know myself, there is no signs of current tissue present other than these symptoms.
I would prefer to avoid AI use, just for simplicity’s sake, but I would consider using a SERM like tamoxifen to alleviate such symptoms if necessary.

Do you guys have any advice?