Simo - The Red Shoe Diaries (Part 2)

Yeah absolutely the kettlebell would be a great option! You can practice lifting and wedging it onto a platform with your legs. Doing that for high reps should be a good practice drill.

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are you 50 yet? Does strongman just have just one masters division aka over 40 or is it incremental? How heavy are u now?

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50 next month mate. Currently in Aus there is only 1 masters division which is over 40’s. and only 2 weight divisions for masters, under and over 100kg. I think this is due to the lower numbers of people at this age competing. They just done have the numbers like powerlifting does.

I know at the world level they do have over 50’s masters but I think it will be a while before the sport is popular enough to need that down here.


There is one where I am in September that I am wondering about - I dunno if they have a Skinny-fat division though?
I’ve never touched a log or stone though… Could go to the gym and practice I suppose.

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For me stones were not that hard to get the hang of, especially as I had done a bit if work with a sandbag before. I would deff want to practice with log before hand, it’s not that log is harder but it is different and some practice will go a long way. I guess you could go to the gym a practice or buy one of market place (that is what I did) and add it to your home gym.

You usually get a small amount of time to practice with the implements before hand, so you could just go for it and see how you go.

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Friday 14 July- week 1

SSB squat
100 x 8 x 3 sets - 220 lbs
Fast and easy.

Close grip bench press - should call these closer grip bench, hands about 2-3 inches each side closer than my normal bench.
Bar x 10
60 x 5
80 x 9 x 4 sets (176 lbs)
Nice and easy reps.

Reverse hypers
20 x 10 x 3 sets
Fk me these were not as easy as they look.

Lat pull downs
65 x 12 x 3 sets

Tricep press down
12 plates x 12 x 3 sets

Good little session, nothing was too hard but that’s perfect for the end of week 1. Happy days.


Squats were snappy


Strongman Saturday - log clean and press

160lbs log, working on clean and press reps


Mate your Saturday session is done and my friday evening just beginning!

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I love the noises the log makes as you lift. It totally sounds heavy!

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I think that was my knees :joy::joy:


Feed prep Sunday. This week I will mostly be eating chicken :grinning:


I didn’t say @ChickenLittle :joy:


@Koestrizer @T3hPwnisher

Got the weights for these now, all looks very doable, will come time to speed on the day for most things.

  1. deadlift - weight Still TBA

  2. farmers 90kg per hand, duck walk and stairs 90kg (looks like the 93kg kettlebell will be good to practice this)

  3. overhead - log - 75kg, axle 75kg, sandbag 70kg. - With this event you have to do 1 rep with each and then you get the rest of the time to do as many reps as possible with what ever implement you choose. You get points for each rep with an implement. The points will be - Log 3 points, Axle 2 points, sandbag 1 point. I will need to decide if I rep out with log or axle at the end. I think axle will be faster for me but 3 reps with an axle will be worth the same as 2 with a log.

  4. Sandbag throw - This is actually to a height of 3m and is 8, 12 and 16kg. - I have never done this sort of throwing for height before, will probably go practice at the part with a 12kg kettlebell,


Monday 15 July - week 2

Axle squat
Bar x 10
60 x 5
80 x 3
Add sleeves
100 x 3
Add belt
120 x 2
130 x 5 x 5 sets (286 lbs ) - RPE 5, 6, 6, 6, 6
A little pain in my upper back again, but legs felt strong.

Hack squat
30 x 12 x 3 sets
Upper spine a little sore after the axle. Good full rom and pump here.

Leg curl
36 x 12 x 3 sets -
Short rests, really feeling this. Hammies very tight and crampy after.

Db bench
Warm up 35 x 5
45 x 6 x 4 sets -
Nice reps. Heavy by the end.

Db supported row
30 x 10 x 3 sets
Dropped these to 30 to save upper spine a bit.

Good session. Squats were solid despite upper back niggle coming back. Press was strong and the rest was pump work.


Tonight’s squat - looked ok ? What do you think?


Thankyou @throwawayfitness you are a legend mate. Damn this stupid 6 post rule.

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Quietly struggling to myself a little this week. @TrainForPain and @SvenG you will no doubt understand, as will many of the other parents.

My eldest daughter 14 (nearly 15) is off to the School for Student leadership - Alpine campus on Saturday. This is a select entry school that kids in grade 9, attend for 9 weeks. They live in at the school and complete a different curriculum to the normal school. There are only 45 kids that take part in the program. Here is what the school says about the program

We are the School for Student Leadership and our Mission is to provide an immersive State-wide residential program for Year 9 Government school students which enables them to grow into better citizens and leaders through increased self-awareness, social engagement, community connection and environmental stewardship.

Website for school here:

In her 9 week stay she will have no mobile phone or personal lap top. She can write us and her friends letters and does have some access to a school email address. Other than for emergencies we wont have contact with her during this time. We do get to visit and she has a weekend off campus halfway through the 9 weeks.

This week we have started getting all her clothes and equipment ready. The school is in the Alpine region and it is winter, so that means lots of snow and hiking gear. They do a number of overnight hikes and cross country skiing as part of the course.

Now it is only a few days away, I have very conflicted feelings. I am so happy that she got selected but extremely sad that she wont be around. As my eldest we have a special father daughter bond and I am not sure how well I will cope without having her around. It’s only 9 weeks and an amazing development experience for her but It is making me very sad. Difficult to describe it properly but it’s like she will come back a different person and I will miss her not being my little girl anymore.

Those of you with small kids, spend more time with them, hug them more, laugh with the more. The time just goes way too fast.


Right there with you, @simo74.


And this again.

Because it’s that true.

Edit: Oh, and congrats to your daughter! That’s quite an achievement, despite Dad’s conflicted feelings.



I think this is the hardest part. I was so proud of her for having the courage to do it and for getting selected. But now its only 5 days away I am just a little sad.

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