Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum | 531 and Other Stuff

C14 W1 D2
Power cleans 40x3 60x3,5
Squat 85x5 97.5x5 110x5
SSB 72.5x 5x5 (played with close stance, felt really good) ss/w
GHR + BR 5x8

Hammer curl 12.5x20
Rope pushdown 24x20

Arm part got cut short for family stuff. My fault as i slept in this morning.


C14 W1 D3
A quick on-the-road morning workout on the road in a decent travel gym (with an actual bench and rack, what is this sorcery?!! :flushed:).
Power snatch 20x3 40x3,5 50x3
Bench 65x5 75x5 82.5x5 65x 5x5
chins: 1,2,3,4, 5x6

Dumbbell incline press 27.5s x12,7,14
Dumbbell Incline row 27.5s x 3x15

Was low on energy today - diet was a bit off yesterday and late night from travel. Mailed it in.