Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum | 531 and Other Stuff

As a side note i love that chin, OHP superset… makes me walk around with invisible lat syndrome :joy: can feel my whole upper body pump up.


From last night, forgot to log.
C13 W1 D2 Squats
Cleans 60x3 80x3 90x 2+1 (was planning power cleans but ended up doing full cleans as it was moving really nicely).

Squat: 85x5, 95x5, 107.5x5, 85x 5x5
5x5 super setted with:
GHR+Back raise combo 5x5

Rope handle pushdown 32x 10,12,10
Hammer curl 17.5s x 10,12,10

jm press 40x 8,6
barbell curl 40x 6,6

Stopped there, had planned more volume but still fighting the remnants of this flu and was feeling gassed.

First proper squat session in 3 months, feeling the legs! Moved nicely though, very happy.


Ok so i thought my man flu had passed, but it knocked me around good the last couple of days. I kept working (from home) but just eased up on training, took time to spend more time with the kid etc.

Feeling better now (still some symptoms but “above the neck” so will kick back in whre i left off. Will be able to close out W1 with all lifting sessions, just not all conditioning.


C13 W1 D3 Bench and torso

Excuse the scribble.

Bench weights felt “too light” compared to Squat, so probably have stadted squat too high. Will monitor and review.


C13 W D4
From yesterday

So ends W1.
No conditioning due to flu. Overall good start. Squat might be a tad heavy.

C13 W2 C1 (Conditioning 1)

5.5km run/walk with wife and kid.
Didnt time or track, but ran at least 70% of the way.


Forgot to log last night.

C13 W2 D1 press
Power snatch 40x3 50x3 55x3
Press 42.5x5 50x5 55x5 42.5 x 5x5
Chins 7,7,7,5,8

Dips 10,10,12
Incline bench lat raise 12.5s x 20,20,20

Lat raise 12.5s x 15,20
Leg raisez 10,10

Farmers walk 100kg letterbox and back in 2 trips


Tonight is Origin Night (if you know, you know) so a bit of planned stupidity with the diet and drinks (not too many, got to work tomorrow) - and then I am going to kick off my Dry July Early. The missus is on board with my carnivore idea so long as I don’t be “weird” if we get asked to friends places for meals, which is only likely on weekends, so my plan looks loosely like:

  • eat primarily ruminants and eggs. Dairy in very small amounts (grass-fed butter etc.)
  • pork and chicken minimised - only if that’s what the missus cooks.
  • no coffee
  • no alcohol
  • no spices, just salt
  • if needed, vary diet to eat “normally”, but no change on the alcohol or coffee, and no junk.
    Travel for work will be interesting, but will have to plan ahead.
    I’m looking to see what this does to the body - have been interested for a while but have taken a bit of convincing to let me try it. I need a bit of a reset.

C13 W2 D2 squat day (from last night)

Excuse the scribble but travelling today, so cant really stop and rewrite.

1st carnivore day (except i am giving myself 2 days to wind back the coffee, so have drunk some black coffee today). Surprisingly easier than i thought on the road, ok the meat qulaity isnt great, but you can get meat and eggs pretty easy. Just got to avoid cheese as they always seem to come together.

My starying weight (last night) for this was 91.1 kg (end of the day, so probably up to 1kg lighter really).
Will keep an eye on this.


I have had a day off again (travel) but i got some new toys.

A safety squat, a cambered squat bat, and an EZ curl.

I am looking forward to using these for supplemental work (FSL work, assistance).
Will test them out this week.


I’ve toyed with idea of getting on of these but never used one to see if it’s going to be a good fit. Be interested to see how you get on.

I was only going to go the ssb and ez, but it was a crazy special cos it had a tiny bit of rust on it, so said “why not?”.

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C13 W2 D3

Found an excuse to use the cambered bar straight away. Did “yoke walks”… obviously not as hard as a real yoke, but punishes you if you take too big steps.


C13 W2 D4

Finished week 2 a day late. Oh well, thats what happens when the family gets sick.
Got all 4 strength, only one conditioning. Need to find a way to get to yes on conditioning.


C13 W3 C1
10 driveway sprints, 10 min stretching.

This nearly didnt happen, as my day hadnt gone to plan. Then my mind made every excuse in the book. Then I remembered i used to live on a hill and basically never did hill sprints, and so I went and sprinted the driveway 10 times (its a longish one compared to most in the area due to an odd shaped block). Its technically a slight slope but i cant call it a hill sprint!
This needs to become my go to “get to yes” conditioning… nothing makes me feel more athletic than sprints.


C13 W3 D1

Power snatch, 40x3,5 50x3
Press 50x5, 55x5, 62.5x4, 50x 5x5
Chins 5x6 (supersetted with FSL work)

Dips 3x11
Incline Bench lat raise 12.5’s x 3x25

Leg raises 10
Lat raises 12.5’s x 15

Stopped as i needed to get read for work.
This was my first early morning session in a while, have been mostly doing after work but it cuts into my family time and it is selfish, so need to make the switch. I nearly managed to talk my self out of it, but then I thought about “getting to yes” and just set a timer and did as much as I could in that time limit. Not my best session ever (I missed the 5 in the topset of press), but I got some honest work in so happy enough.


  • carnivore is going well. I really want some fruit though haha. I dont miss junk, but i do miss certain fruits and vegetables and yoghurt. I think my diet will lean more to Paul Saladinos “animal based” rather than pure carnivore at the end of this.
  • I havent given up on caffeine completely. Have been having weak black tea as a substitute, but this morning the only way i convinced myself to train was a black coffee. Yes, i am using it as a crutch. One thing at a time.

C13 W3 D2

Power cleans 60x3 70x3 80x3

Squat 90x5 102.5x5 115x5
SSB FSL 75x 5x5 (working off a lower TM of 100 as a trial
Ss with
GHR + Back raise 5x7

At this point was running low on time so did

10x driveway sprints.

  • will do arm work after work
  • another AM session. Happy I am getting these done, makes after work much easier. Again it took a coffee, but the 99% carnivore is still working. Missus said i am looking “trim” so thats something. Definitely less bloat/puffiness, probably just lost glycogen, but possibly inflamation. Bear in mind I’ve been doing it for a whole week now so the glycogen is probably all gone.
  • SSB took a bit of getting used to but getting the hang of it. Back squats moved well.
  • note to self - insulate the garage door. The garage stays easily 5 to 10 degrees warmer than outside as its fairly well insulated, but the big gaping hole is the 2 big metal doors leaking heat.

Travelled yesterday. Had a “diet break” aka carb refeed.
It hasn’t seemed to have harmed anything, weighed in at 88, feeling tight.

Short workout this morning, short on time.
Did a simple push/pull, in hindsight should have thrown some leg raises in after pullups.

C13 W3 D3
Bench 67.5x5 77.5x5 85x5 67.5x 5x5
Pullups 8x5


C13 W3 D4
Power clean 40x5 60x3 80x3.
Deadlift 105x5 120x5 132.5x5
Front squat 67.5x 5x5

That’s it for today and for C13.
Spent the day on my feet looking after the little one and working around the house as the SO is unwell. Thats all i had in the tank. Definitely underfed today.

On to C14!
(I’m going to sleep on whether i continue as a leader and do a PR set anchor, or just treat it as an on ramp back to 531 and go to something else… decisions decisions).


Cycle 14
I have decided to keep what I am doing as a Leader, with a few small tweaks.
The tweaks are:
Squat supplemental will be SSB
Deadlift Supplemental will be RDLs - mostly to focus on strengthening my lower back and stretching the hamstrings.
I need to focus on consistent conditioning on top of it all.
Other than that, creeping the TM’s up a bit on everything except press.

The C15 Anchor will likely be the same, but with a PR set and possibly a widowmaker. I’m itching to run BtM again but going to ease in that direction as last time it didn’t end well as I wasn’t ready for it.

As another note, I have eased off the restrictiveness of carnivore out of consideration for my wife who is unwell atm - keeping it more Paul Saladino style “animal based”, i.e. avoiding grains, seed oils etc, but ok with a bit of fruit each day and more leeway with dairy (Greek yoghurt with a squeeze of honey, a glass of milk after training), and eating most of whatever is the family menu for tea - again just avoiding the obvious bad stuff. I don’t have autoimmune/gut reasons to do carnivore, so not worried if it’s not perfectly strict, as long as I am getting results. I figure it’s “hard to get fat” (nod to Pwn’s article) on steak, eggs, apples and yoghurt. I’m still sticking to Dry July.

As a side note, if you’re Aussie, it’s nearly impossible to buy eggs right now - time to get chickens (except they are in high demand too as everyone is thinking the same thing).


C14 W1 D1

Feels good after 2 days rest.